Pair of Total Brilliance Glow In Dark Poi

Pair of Total Brilliance Glow In Dark Poi

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Get Total Brilliance from this superb Light Reflective and Glow in Dark Fabric Poi set.
Works in total darkness, under UV or Black Light, and any visible light source.
And, no batteries are required!
Be seen and show your Total Brilliance in Poi dancing.
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  • Latest advancements in Glow and Reflective materials.
  • Super comfortable and smooth spinning Glow in the Dark Pro Knobs.
  • Very Soft Poi weights provide you with a low-impact experience.
  • They are designed for all levels of Poi Dancers.
  • No recharging or replacing batteries.

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We are using a combination of the latest in glowing and reflective materials.
The main sock is made from glow-in-the-dark soft Poi fabric material.
We have added two broad reflective stripes that send out circles of light back to your entertained viewers.

How does it work?

Glow in the dark material gets charged under bright white light, or UV Blacklight, then slowly sends that light out in all directions as you dance.
The Reflective stripes are a material version of ordinary standard reflective road cones or warning tapes that work at night by bouncing back the light from a source.
Unlike the old very stiff coatings of reflective tapes, these use a micro-prismatic-layering of the threads of the fabric.
To work correctly, it must be dark, and there must be a light source.

Pro knob Handles

These durable silicone handles are ergonomically designed for your comfort and control.
You are fitted with our best handles with super smooth ball-bearing swivels and an internal weight cavity for fine-tuning your throws and catches for the experts.
Total Brilliance Sock Poi is a high-tech Fabric Poi set using the best materials, a forgiving soft Poi with our best Pro Knob handles.
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Open TabСпецификация
  • Classic Sock Poi shape
  • Hi-Tech Fabrics
  • Pro Knob Handles
  • Weight: Ultra softballs with shredded tires inside
  • 2 x Smooth Swivels
  • Weight: 9.87oz | 280g per pair

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"At Home of Poi they have super nice customer service and deliveries are also made within the agreed time. When the package arrives everything is well packaged and all my products arrived intact. I will definitely order more from Home of Poi and I recommend everyone to buy his/her/their stuff here."
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My favorites for so many reasons!
"I LOVE my LED poi, great with cords, fabulous with sock poi for beginners and as I live in a desert not likely to set a forest on fire. Fit easily in a pocket or backpack and easy to bring enough to share. Also love ultra poi with comet tails for daytime spinning. Best moving meditation and core workout that I know about. All about the Flow! Thank you Home of Poi!"
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Fire Staff with 100mm wicks
"Prompt replies and friendly service"
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Great after sales service
"After ordering some wick head covers I received the wrong colors to what was ordered, the service when this was raised was fantastic. Speedy replies and a genuine desire to put the mistake right, when the correct stock could not be supplied a refund was ordered. This is really good service for when things haven t gone as planned, I will order from this company again based on good aftercare service."
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