Expert Contact - Fire Staff with 200mm wicks

Expert Contact - Fire Staff with 200mm wicks

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HoPs latest design, full length, Contact Breakdown Fire Staff.
Collapses into three sections for easy transport.
Complete with a heavier pole for contact style moves.
Comes with a free canvas carry bag

Vos avantages
  • Two piece 20mm diameter thick walled aluminium tubing, with 610mm of 3.2mm thick by 200mm wide kevlar ® wicking on both ends.
  • Hugely Dangerous Flames, Experts Conly.
  • Made from super strong thick heavy Aerospace Al.7075 pole will flex under stress and return back straight far better than other poles.
  • Manufactured with a soft padded grip style handle making for an extremely comfortable and durable Contact handle design.
  • This material has benefits over rubber or leather which can become slippery when fuel or moisture transfer to the handle.
  • Aucun métal exposé sur les têtes inflammables ou les extrémités du bâton sur notre conception - protège votre peau des brûlures des surfaces en métal.

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À propos du Expert Contact - Fire Staff with 200mm wicks
This 100mm wick staff will be very hot to use because of the size of the flames.
Experts only, use at own risk.
This Expert Contact Staff has been hand crafted by our HoP team who have created a superbly comfortable and functional, slightly padded grip/handle, designed with contact moves in mind.
La gaine thermorétractable collée en place fournit un guide précis pour le placement du staff sur le corps et les mains lors de l'exécution des figures.
The wick is screwed into place so you can change it yourself when required, but we finish the heads with a kevlar ® stitched cover flap of wick over the screws and cover the ends of the pole, to give the Expert Contact staff a superior no exposed metal finish on the Kevlar heads and ends.
  • Tube en aluminium de 20mm de diamètre
  • Mèches en kevlar® de 200 mm de large
  • Handle Length: 600mm

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Malcolm Crawshay, Managing Director


22nd September, 2017
8 inch wicks contact fire staff
"This staff is very good quality but there are a few things i do not like. First off the grip doesnt last very long before it starts to deteriorate and same with the markers for the middle they start to slip off after maybe 40 hours of use and if you sweat alot you lose all your grip pretty quickly. Secondly the shaft isn't very strong, if while your spinning you drop it and it hits the ground at an angle the shaft bends witch can be pretty annoying when doing contact because its no longer balanced. But on to the good things, the staff's wicks are amazing! Not only do you not have screws sticking out of them but they also last quite a long time And they hold fuel very well witch depending on your fuel can create a very bright and long lasting flame. I would suggest if you are new to contact staff or aren't confident enought not to drop it to not buy this staff but rather a training staff. To do fire though you can't go wrong with the 8 inch wicks contact fire staff from Hop."
Guillaume, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Jun 2017

10th June, 2016
Love the big flames
"I ended up receiving this staff as a replacement for my 8 inch wick flow staff the flow staff grips came undone which I was able to easily fix and still use. the contact staff has given me no problems at all sturdy construction and nice wicks free of any exposed metal these are not for the faint at heart you need to keep moving with them. Huge fire balls durring spin offs and really long burn Times if I don't try to go hyper speed. Through the whole burn I can easily achieve over 5 minutes of burn time . I have been spinning staff for over 20 years and these two staffs have been the best i have abused ever get a set you will love them"
Gilbert, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2015

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