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Staff Parts and Accessories


Do you sell bags and accessories?

Yes we have a carry bag especially made for these breakdown Staffs and all parts for breakdown fusion and Phantom Staffs are also available online just incase one goes missing. You can even purchase just a single fire head end. If you are wanting to switch up to bigger wicks or even double and triple header Staffs we have a massive range to cater for all spinning types with three different handle styles.

Will the Fusion Staffs fit into a Home of Poi breakdown staff carry bag??

The fusion range will fit into our Home of Poi breakdown staff bags also, perfect for travel and storage.

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Single Monkey Fist Core Block  
10th October, 2018

Useful and works as advertised
"Works as it should, the only minus is the seam where both halves are merged seems a bit rough."
, China.   [Verified Buyer]
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