How to build a fire eating torch, Fire eating torc...

How to build a fire eating torch, Fire eating torch

Comment fabriquer votre propre équipement - Fire eating torch

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  Published on 3 Oct, 2010

I had some requests for a tutorial on how to make your own Fire Eating Torches. If you do kevlar get all the stuff from HoP its the best! Special thanks to Carissa Hendrix for helping me out


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Post13th Jul 2011 5:07 PM 

Burning cotton and white glue does not seem safe to put in your mouth.... just saying...

Warren Martin
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Post24th Jan 2012 7:36 PM 

Cotton isnt the best choice because after frequent use it starts to break down and get crap in your mouth and can be less than safe, but its still ok to use if you keep your burns short. And Elmers glue is not only non-toxic, (kids eat that crap in school smile ) but it actually cures in heat. so its pretty ideal for wick.

Comments/replies: 2


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