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The Last Steampunk Waltz

Poster for the show The Last Steampunk Waltz by Pyraessence. This show is bound to present the problematic clash between innovation and tradition in everyday life - using as an example a couple of lovers lead by dissimilar ideas, interests and future plans, who are struggling, however, to adapt their relationship to the new beginning era.
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The Last Steampunk Waltz

As picked by HoP
1. Valerian Entertainments Tree and Fairy entered by Lawrence Moon
2. Euphoria festival Elements Team! entered by Dalton Sessumes1
3. the medusa and the mermaid entered by Andeli

No. 1
The Last Steampunk Waltz
No. 2
Whisby Wonder
No. 3
Fire & Shade
No. 4
Warrior Goddess
No. 5
No. 6
Lady Crow
No. 7
Break the human emotions!
No. 8
Clowning Around
No. 9
Spiral of Fire
No. 10
No. 11
the medusa and the mermaid
No. 12
No. 13
she is coming...
No. 14
Valerian Entertainments Tree and Fairy
No. 15
No. 16
No. 17
Harley quinn kandi
No. 18
Fire crown
No. 19
No. 20
~*~Hoop Girrl~*~
No. 21
No. 22
Juggling tree
No. 23
Ignis Fatuus v.2.0
No. 24
No. 25
Valerian Entertainments Fire Pixie
No. 26
SeaFire Enchantment
No. 27
No. 28
the dead
No. 29
Celtic Spirals
No. 30
No. 31
Anima Prizma Duo
No. 32
Dancing with Joy
No. 33
Euphoria festival Elements Team!
No. 34
Dia de los Muertos
No. 35
Fire palms
No. 36
Come and play with me..
No. 37
iannà tampé
No. 38
Backstage Animal Playtime
No. 39
Liquid Metal
No. 40
Hawaiian Poi Fusion
No. 41
Dandy jocker
No. 42
Mystery Aura
No. 43
Snake Contortion
No. 44
Fire fans
No. 45
Hoopy birthday Merica
No. 46
Wonder Woman