oxbow meteor by the water uploaded by jazzatronpro

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oxbow meteor by the water

Oxbow meteor in crowstyle mode. A 2-2.5 meter chain/rope with wicks on each end. In crowstyle mode it is worn around the neck and around the arms for control, which keeps the hands free.
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oxbow meteor by the water

As picked by HoP
1. No Hands Headspin Burnoff entered by zebkundalini
2. Portal entered by Caitlin Fobert
3. oxbow meteor by the water entered by jazzatronpro

No. 1
Candle of fire
No. 2
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Feet Poi
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emerald enchantor
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Double switch toss
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Magma Carta
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Magic JuJu
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Fly... fly... my contact staff
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the awakening // el despertar
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No. 13
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Battle for the burning man
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Balance Between Fire & Sword
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Energy of a goddess
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No Hands Headspin Burnoff
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Lost in Sepia
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Ohio Burn Unit at NLQP
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90 Degrees of Hoopin
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Hoop happiness
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Flying in Mesopotamia
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A Fallen Angels Rage
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Meteor Spinning at sunset River in Portugal
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Im on a roll
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no hands
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Opps.... I dropped it...
No. 28
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Shooting staffs
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Magic mind
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No. 32
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TPM Couple Of Fire
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Levitating wand
No. 35
No. 36
Staff toss under lights
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Contact <3
No. 38
Taste Like Freestyle Frisbee
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Walkin on Water
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Miss Gemma Trick
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Crowd pleaser
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Fire Fairy
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Medieval festival
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A beautiful branch
No. 45
No. 46
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Double splits
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Dragon staff
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The light of fire.
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Think of YOU
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Sunrise at the Forest
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Wings of Fire
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Cosmic Crusader
No. 54
Flying Puppy
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Boom, Boom, Fire Power!
No. 56
Beach Play
No. 57
Hybrid Dino Hoop
No. 58
When the Spin Slows
No. 59
Praying for chi
No. 60
Fire Angel
No. 61
oxbow meteor by the water
No. 62
Dragon Fire Saphira
No. 63
No. 64
fire burst

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