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Ignight Performance

Photo of myself and Pyro performing together. Props were made 100% by hand for this show.
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Ignight Performance

As picked by HoP
1. Ignight Performance entered by Curtis_Husted
2. Fire-hardened entered by Jedy
3. self made Fire Chakar entered by Feu

No. 1
3poi athens
No. 2
More Fire
No. 3
A spin in the park
No. 4
Purple Wood Nymph
No. 5
LED Clover
No. 6
Pirate Dragon Staff
No. 7
Night Flow
No. 8
Fire on the River
No. 9
self made Fire Chakar
No. 10
On The Tip Of My Tongue
No. 11
Fire Lotus
No. 12
No. 13
Fire Wings
No. 14
No. 15
Ignight Performance
No. 16
No. 17
flame wands
No. 18
Vortex staff
No. 19
DIY Palm Torches
No. 20
No. 21
D.I.Y. fire poi
No. 22
Double Contact Staff
No. 23
Art fire swords
No. 24
No. 25
un instante absoluto

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