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Probably after dinner - somewhere between 7 and 8.

Wow, I already posted something here. Huh. We have a slightly-less rough itinerary! Whoo! Egypt: August 21st - September 11Greece: September 13- September 21Czech, Austria, Germany: Sep...

I haven't so much as touched a pair of poi in months either, so I'll be making an effort to rock up either this Sunday or the next.


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      12th September, 2007
Meteor Madness
"These are incredibly awesome! The knots at the end are somewhat heavy which means you don't have to put in as much energy to get them going at a decent speed. They are really well tied you'll only have to tighten them slightly every now and then. The rope itself it incredibly durable after being dropped - sometimes quite forcefully - on grass dirt concrete and other surfaces it's still in very good condition. It isn't too slippery making it great for keeping a hold on it. I would suggest getting some sort of bag for protection - a pen leaked in my bag and I now have a tiny dot of blue on one of the ends. Other than that kudos to the HoP team for producing my favorite toy to date!"
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