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Erik Savage

Erik Savage
SILVER Member since Oct 2019
Registered on: 23rd Oct 2019
Last active: 15th Sep 2020


Indio, usa


Led Hula hoop, triquetra doubles, fire fans, object manipulation, Fan Dancing


Hi I’m Erik on stage that’s Xen’Drik Savage

I’m 32 years old cancer Leo rising cusp moon is Aries

A whole new world of contact juggling and object manipulation is recently entered my life within the last year and I’m proud to say that in all aspects that I follow I am self-taught

“ I only look for the names of the tricks that I know how to do and some of them don’t even have names yet I’d like to be one day that person that gives those moves name “

I practice daily for at least 4 to 5 hours with each flow prop !

a lot of people think I’m crazy but considering COVID 19 hit us pretty hard,

I think I was just preparing myself among all things flow I love :The hula hoop ,contact staff ,fire poi ,fire fans, and the triquetra.


I was born in original and I refuse to die a copy

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