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So what do you have on your list of "things I need to do before I die"?

Here are some items on mine:

*Bungee Jump
*Join the "Mile High Club"
*Write and publish a book
*Visit the arctic
*Visit Japan and China

What do you have on yours?


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I've been incredibly lucky and managed to achieve a lot of my early life ambitions already - make my parents proud, win a twirling competition, abseil down some big huge cliffs, put on some wicked parties, learned to surf (can't remember much now though - doh), go to Australia and to Russia... and most recently I finally went Skydiving two weeks ago, what an awesome experience.

My life right now is as perfect as I can ever think of it being. Apart from having a big pile of cash so I don't need to work, of course.

Still got plenty to do though. Want to take the love of my life back to Australia with me and show him why I loved it so much, and also I haven't managed to get to Africa, NZ or much of SE Asia yet either, so I really wanna do those.

Other than that I would love for my man to be able to work doing what he loves (music) and for me to find what it is that would fulfil me for work and do that. And be happy and healthy and have the same for all those around me that I love.

Oh, and really get good at contact on my double staffs. I've not been practising much lately. Bad girl.

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Meeet Cypress Hill and veg with them for a while

Meet Wu-Tang and veg with them for a while

Move to Newquay and Relax with an easy job

Learn to Snowboard
Learn to fly by using Super Poi

don't worry we'll soon all go back to the gases

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