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Posted:Okay... So I don't actually know what it's called. But I know that I must light it on fire. I just got back from Earthdance Northern CA and I traded this guy there for a "levitating stick" (for lack of a better way to put it). It's a shiny stick, about arm's length that is bottom weighted and has fishing wire attached to the middle through a drilled hole. You hook the string onto your middle finger and swing it around, pretending like it's levitating. It looks pretty freaking awesome and I think I saw someone doing it at OCF and the Oedipus sex show at this year's burning man. They only had the top tip on fire. I REALLY want to swing an apparently levitating stick o'fire around my body...
What I think I'd need would be...
-A pretty light, bottom-weighted, kevlar-wrapped stick that's under an inch total in diameter. (so what kind of kevlar, how do I attach it , how do I bottom weight the stick (just wrap more kevlar on the bottom?) and what should the stick be made of?)
- And a nearly invisible, super thin (we're talking fishing line thin here), COMPLETELY fire retardant string that is at least as flexable as fishing wire (Does this exist?)

Yep, I make Fire Poi and staffs, no problem. This is just a little... new..... Thanks so much for (hopefully) insights or (possibly) pronouncements of my insanity.

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Posted:Hrmm.. similar discussion here:

Tho, no one ever got anywhere with the fire portion of it. I thought those would be fun with LED, but couldn't think of a practical way of lighting them up with flamage w/out endangering something.

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Posted:It really wouldn't have to be all that thin. Fire is gerally done at night so it'd be pretty hard to see, and what's more, the fire will obsure it further. Two- or three-ply Kevlar Thread would do pretty nicely. Or, maybe it'd have to be thicker, I haven't worked with it much.


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Posted:Or maybe try fishing trace wire - its super-light and super-strong, and shouldn't burn.

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Tried this some time ago with fire, experimented with various materials, 1.5 foot short staff works quite well, if your using fire, then 1.5mm long links ss chain, or marine rigging wire will be particularly non visable at night, i never really got my head around a suitable mech to retract the wire / chain, so what I really ended up with was a pair of fire flails.



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