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Cyberfire in conjunction with Unity thru Music (UTM), Techno Tribe and The Cosmic Alliance presents:


As a promotion for peace throughout the world.

This is a charity event supporting the RSPCA ACT to help them out after the bushfires ravaged their animal shelters.

When:   Friday 17th September 2004

Time:    Benefit Gig starts after dusk on Friday night and goes till midday Saturday 18th September 2004. 

Prayer for Peace at 10am, Saturday 18th September 2004.

Where:  Weston park

Bring:    Warm clothing, blankets, toys, yummy things, fire toys, good vibes…

Cost:    $10 (All money raised goes to the RSPCA)

For further information contact crew@cyberfire.house.cx

Or go to the Earthdance website www.earthdance.org

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What if I should fall right through the centre of the Earth and come out the other side where people walk upside-down?!

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