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Flaming Lesbian
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Posted:going in for a job interview with CDF (california department of forestry) to be a seasonal firefighter tomorrow morning. so everyone wish me luck.

just hope they don't ask about the matchbooks in my front seat and the smell of kerosine coming out of the trunk of my car =]

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Posted:good luck!

I was always scared with my mother's obsession with the good scissors. It made me wonder if there were evil scissors lurking in the house somewhere.

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Posted:Good luck hug

I'm sure you'd do fine. I mean if you spin fire then usually it means you have a greater understanding of fire and the dangers of it. So they're sure to snap you up ubbangel


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Posted:Good luck Thor!!!!!!
I'm sure you'll do really well! Keep us posted on how you do!

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Posted:Good luck!

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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Good luck.

And don't mention the fire spinning. tongue

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Good luck mate!! I hope you land the job! beerchug

Let's relight this forum ubblove




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Posted:Best of luck to you buddy! let us know how it goes!

ubbloco dont go loco!

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