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"5 Star" luxury Poi Spinner holiday in SW Scotland:

For photos, video & full deatils.
Monday 3 - Saturday 8 May 2004

We have the exclusive use of a wonderful venue for fun and play including large-scale fire show spectacular, a cabaret, the Cosmos Black Light Show and a fluorescent extravaganza.

Includes a ceilidh with live band, saunas, boating on the loch, snooker & pool, table tennis, table football, volleyball, swings, sandpit, dressing up clothes, and 140 acres of grounds, including magical ancient forest.

Workshops in juggling, club swinging, pole spinning, poi, human pyramids, fire performance, fire sculpture, black light, yoga and more.

A number of people from this board came last year and had a ball! Check out
the photos on the web page above!


Fable Goodmanmember
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Location: Sunderland

yes what a great five days.

I would thoroughly support a full week next year.

Still catching up on sleep, (and coronation street)

I came away without picking up an address list. so Perhaps Jim (if you are reading this thread still) you could email me one.

Paid my deposit for next year. I wonder how many others have already committed.

Coza... Hope you are well rested, and have practiced some of what you learned.

Blue cat and Firenix Great meeting you both, you are excellent teachers, and I am still processing some of the lessons you attempted to pass on to me. confused

In particular (firenix) I have put a lot of thought into where, I should pass water. ubblol

Bluecat... I have been thinking about how to give good positive / accurate feedback, as opposed to criticism. I have not forgotten that you asked me for the words of 'The may queen' I will put that into a separate (private email)

Loose feet: Keep breathing.... Thanks for the hints on making Tea (or was it just another clowning workshop?) either way... good to spend time with you and Bill.

Axis: Thanks for the very gentle/ sensitve way in which you invited me to select a useful and appropriate lesson from my scorched fingers. (which are healing very rapidly now). enjoyed Your company a lot, and especially enjoyed the Saw playing, and Ukelele.
I shall get my saw out shortly and have a go. (I have no rosin for my violin bow though, but I dare say I will be able to get a tune out of it.

LOve and hugs to all of you.

ubblove hug

Fable Goodman (lawrie)


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