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I've been practicing poi since the beginning of August and i've tend to notice the shorter my poi are the more moves i can do without wacking the balls together or getting tangled. I just wanted to get eveyones opinion on whether they like short or long poi..

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I generally just use long poi for most everything, but a lot of moves when you first start out, like the very very basics you generally learn really short the lengthwise them. And some moves just look better short. And with long poi you can just shorten them while spinning wink

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It was easier for me to learn with long poi and found I like it even longer so when I shorten one wrap backwards is "medium" and two is "short".

I think the longer and heavier it is learning the basics and understanding how the poi works around you and frees up the full body movement is most helpful and ingrains into muscle memory quicker (plus when it's long it's much harder to bonk yourself! believe it or not).

I'm 5'9" and the long chains have opened up a freedom that is amazing, that shortens nicely to 2 other lengths so lots of versatility! smile

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Like EoN, i found learning easier with long poi. If you're hitting yourself or getting tangled, chances are it's a plane control thing and not a matter of needing more room. Long poi are slow, and give you more time to track what they're doing. Short poi can be more responsive in some ways, but that's a two-edged sword; it'll change to doing something you don't want just as fast as it will to something you do want.


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Okay thanks for the input everyone smile

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