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Posted:Hello every1

If you find yourself not having anything to do on a friday nite you should check out PEACH!

Its about 5 min walk from Camden Town station and right outside Mornington Crescent station.

Its an 8 hour rave playing trance/hard house.
The price is 9 b 4 11pm, 12 after.

I have seen many spinners in there with glowsticks and on the top floor just spinning Poi.

People do respect u spinning and dont walk in front of u, which i think we can all agree isnt wot u need when u get going (just dont try and spin on the dancefloor as it gets quite packed after about 1am)

Just thought i would post about it as i go every other friday nite and have a great time.

Later people
Lisa XxX

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Posted:Sounds pretty lush, you going this friday or next???????????!?!?!?!?!?

Need to rave more

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