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Posted:Due to the holiday season, we're only having one "Open Spin" during the month of December at Betwixt & Between. Here's the scoop:

Time/Date: Sunday, Dec. 8, 6-10 PM

Admission: $3.00 w/proof of fire liability insurance, $7.00 otherwise.

Location: Betwixt & Between, 4307 Belmont, Dallas, TX

What we provide:

Certified fire suppression equipment (CO2, ABC and water extinguishers).

Experienced safeties on hand with dry duvetyne towels for dousing implements and water buckets/towels for fire breathers.

Sound system (if you have a music preference, please bring a CD marked with your name; were not set up to play MP3s on our sound system at this time)

Secured semi-enclosed facility approved by Dallas fire marshals (no hassles from the constabulary!).

Facilities include restrooms, soda machines, comfy couches & chairs to sit out and socialize in. Hot beverages will also be made available (coffee, cider, hot chocolate, herbal teas) for the season.

What we request of everyone:

Please RSVP via e-mail by noon Sunday so that we can have your name on the guest list at the gate. If a persons name is not on the list, they wont be allowed in.

If you wish to bring your own safety person, please include their name in your RSVP.

Spinners will be asked to sign a release form at the gate. This is to protect the interests of the folks who are allowing us to use their facility.

Please do not bring groups of spectators to the open spin; this event is NOT open to the general public. Were providing a safe, sanctioned practice area as a service to the fire and luminous arts community. Weve worked very hard to get the ability to offer this; we ask for your help in keeping it possible.
Once youre there:

Use designated spinoff and fuel prep/reclaim areas (these will be marked); no smoking within 50 feet of these areas.

No more than 6 people manipulating live fire at one time.

Respect your fellow spinners; let other folks have their fire play time.

Respect the folks who allow us to use their facility; leave no trace.

Show courtesy to our folks who are giving up their time to keep you safe; our safety folks reserve the right to examine your gear to ensure that its in good shape, and to ask you to spin with other gear if it looks like your gear presents a risk to others.

Do not indulge in intoxicants before or during the open spin. If you appear to be under the influence, you will be perceived as a potential threat to the safety and well being of other spinners, and you will be requested to leave.

Many of those in the local fire arts community have long-standing associations; some good, some bad. We ask that everyone who attends this event does so with open mind and heart, and set aside any personal differences in the interests of making this a positive experience for everyone.

Other amenities available at B&B:

Fire In Motion: fire and luminous arts supply shop. Pre-made practice & live fire poi, staffs, meteors, as well as replacement parts and wick. LED and EL-wire powered toys as well as glow sticks and other bright shiny objects.

Divine Smite: Leather clothing, leather do-rags, and accessories at deep discounted prices. Adult/dark humor t-shirts.

Wyrd Science: Extensive herbal supplies, essential oils, jewelry, books, art, belly-dancing accessories.

Groups and individuals are welcome; admission applies per group member, and groups must provide a complete member list. Please RSVP to by noon, Dec. 5. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Reminder: a portion of the gate proceeds goes to benefit Betwixt & Between Community Center - for more info on the center, go to

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