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hey, i'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but i'm not sure which would be better.
Anyway, I'm in southern Pennsylvania, right near Philly, and I was thinkin of may be startin a little "business" (performing for pay). First of all, if there are any other poiers in philly who either already have a business, or who might be interested in getting in on mine, let me know. Second, I'd greatly appreciate it if anybody had any advice on how to get started, get customers, etc.
I'm pretty young (17), but i can drive, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem
Thanks a lot


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There's a database of fire-performers for hire at fire performers you could add yourself to their database. I think it is run by Home of Poi (?) and is definetly completely free
Though I don't know how much business anyone's got through it, but it can't hurt..
Good luck,

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Hey There,
First off--Good for you!!! I think that there's a HUGE market out there for this kind of performing! I like you am trying to do the same thing--make it my living.
---Contact your local newpaper and see if they'll do an article on you and your "craft". That's a fabulous way to get attention! When you do that be sure to give some kind of contact info so potential customers can get in touch.
---Put on a "Free Fire Show!" for the general public to come out and see. (Mention it in the article). People will be more likely to hire you if they know what your offering.
---Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk!!! Word of mouth does wonders!
---I have recently been doing my fire in fashions shows--strange place but people love it! I've offered my services for free to these two as I too am beginning to get my name out there and am mainly after the exposure. I won't be doing many more free shows in the future though.
---Make up a pamphlet, handbill, brochure, anything! that advertises what you do and where you'll do it! Weddings, corporate events, staff parties whatever! Start handing it out anywhere you can think of that people will see it.

That's all I have for now but I honestly wish you the best of luck!!


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There are several who work in Philly.
I also hate to be a downer, but in PA, last I checked they will not issue fire permits to a minor for any form of business, and technically you are a minor. So before you put too much effort into getting out there, check into this.
If you do a free fire performance I can garuntee some of the other pro's in that area will be none to happy about it. Then you set an example for underbidding and that is even worse. Try making a video or a promo packet and sending that out instead. Or, instead of starting off with a business perform at local fairs and such this summer. Many county fairs and the like have performance stages, and dance competitions. Do this so that you get more of a taste of what it is.

For business aspects you should get some background in accounting and contract law. If you don't have that then have an accountant and a lawyer to call, since you will have to pay taxes on all earnings and need to have contracts.

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