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Has anybody seen Jo Derry in the video section of this website, he is doing butterfly then starts to turn it one way almost behind him then back to the middle then turns it the other way and back. After that he goes back and forth in like a 180degree motion keeping the butterfly going. Will someone tell me what he is doin and how he's doing it i would really appreaciate it


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the name of the move is the same as the link you clicked to watch the video.

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Location: San Antonio TX

GlåssDIAMOND Member
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well I admit its not a very catchy name, for a move, but thats poi swingers for you.

let me just reinstall streambox and I'll get back to you as to what it is.
(twas playing with him on saturday, hes, got such a clean style like you wouldn't believe)

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aaaahhhh. THAT video section!
can't help there, damn firewall!

sounds like this move I do, where I spin those things around me, in a manner that resembles circles!

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3 point TTN? Just a guess, don't know which video you're talking about. When you move your poi over and behind the other one, just put it behind your back. Sort of. Bit more complicated than that, but not much.


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i finx this en is called split time butterfly transfer if i'm not mistaken?
barh i got new footage of jo on my desktop...way better stuff, on its way down to you glass.

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Yup, I think PKs right. You need to learn the split time butterfly in both directions, then you can turn with it quite easily. Easier than turning with same time butterflys.

Have fun.

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