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Pixel Poi

By Malcolm Crawshay, Home of Poi

Do you sell Ignis LED Poi?

Yes, because we love Ignis Pixel Poi they are now available to purchase from the Home of Poi website. We believe they represent the best of available Pixel Poi on the market. The images you can create are truly amazing.
Pixel LED Poi

Can I Create my own images?

Upload any kind of photo and pictures and once the Led Pixel Poi is spun your image will appear in the Air.

Why purchase Pixel Poi?

New tiny LEDs show perfect colors with improved yellow and orange tones that make pictures on your Poi sharper, more realistic and colorful.

Can I earn money with custom images and logos

Yes, a great money-making tool both for professionals and amateurs.

Upload any graphics you need, adjust up to 10 timelines to synchronize your performance scenario with music.

Pixel Poi Image Stabilization Option

Available for models 144 HD, 200 HD, 256 HD

Stretch Stabilization

Pixel Poi Image Stabilization

Phase Stablization

LED Pixel Poi Image Stabilization

Used by Top Performers

LED Pixel Poi used by these companies

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that Ignis Pixel Poi will amaze your audience and help you to earn more on your LED shows.

Otherwise just return your Pixel Poi within 30 days in new condition and get a refund.

Can I Return, Refund, and exchange?

We give a 100% money-back warranty within 30 days of purchase (on receiving parcel). If you are not satisfied with our props you can return them within a month. Props should be in new condition (full set, no traces of usage, no scuffs). In case of such return delivery costs are assigned to the Buyer.

If you receive defective props or there was a mistake in model or quantity we would send a free replacement and compensate your postage expenses for sending the incorrect or defective items back to them.

How long is your Warranty?

We give a 2-year warranty for our products. It means that if during the warranty period you find a production defect we will repair or replace the defective item for free. All delivery costs are on Buyer.

What is covered by your warranty?

Ignis Pixel Poi are impact-resistant but not indestructible. Very hard bumps can cause malfunction of pixel props. This is why a warranty doesn't cover malfunctions due to hard impacts. But in this case, we do offer a repair service. Repairs usually cost less than USD $100.

Fast International Shipping

If products that you ordered are in stock usually they send them within 1-2 working days after payment. If something in your order is not in stock then we contact you and provide information on when it can be shipped. That is why you should keep in touch with us after you have made your order.

Reliability, Comfort and High Quality?

Ignis produces the Pixel Poi according to their concept of high reliability, maximum comfort and high quality.

The appearance and functionality of their products may differ in small details from the information and photos on our Website. This is due to the fact that they are continuously developing and improving products and do not always have the ability to update photos and information.


Pair of Ignis Pixel BubblePoi 16 48 LEDs - BASIC  
3rd October, 2022

"I ordered a pair of bubble pois 16, the pois were amazing at first but i'm dissatisfied because with one poi i could never make it work through the app with bluetooth, so couldn't change modes while using them (reason for buying this model of pois). the same poi that the bluetooth never worked while i was using them, it came out rolling, I spend a lot of money and i was expecting that the warranty worked , i get tired of sending messages explaining the situation, and they reply sending solutions for fixing the poi bymyself, avoiding what i said about the bluetooth. i was eligible to use the warranty, but couldnt make use of it."
Vickymoren, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2021

Reply from Home of Poi: "We have changed the process and sent a replacement to the customer"

Pair of Ignis Pixel 32 Tech 64 LEDs  
12th June, 2020

"Beautiful bright amazing display, easy to use"
Hcassidy, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2020