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All Juggling Balls

We have a wide selection of Juggling Balls for all types of jugglers and lovers of the Best Juggling Balls.

Benefits of Ball Juggling

In addition to being fun and entertaining, learning to Juggle is healthy for the mind and body. The challenge of Juggling improves eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and physical fitness for both children and adults. Most people will learn to Juggle Balls when they first start.

Beginner Juggling

If you're starting out Juggling, we have a perfect set for you and even Juggling books to help. We range from cheap Juggling Balls up to professional-grade multi-balls. Don't forget we have over 268 free online lessons available to you anytime to help also. A few tips for learning, use soft fabric or sandbag Juggling Balls as this helps for when you drop them they will not roll away or even get a bouncy set so you can work on your catching skills if one hits the floor. The sandbag Juggling Balls also work great for advancing into more difficult multi-ball tricks. What a Selection !! For all those lovers of Juggling, contact juggling, and high bounce Juggling or even fire Juggling, we have an extensive range for you to select.

Acrylic Contact Juggling Balls

We have a massive range of high-quality Contact Juggling Balls available, made from acrylic they are durable and chip-resistant for a long life of the balls. When learning make sure to start with something a little lighter like a 100mm stage ball, they are much softer in case they get dropped as this will not hurt is toes come between it and the floor, the larger size of the 100mm stage balls also help with more surface area to work with making it easier to learn. Then you can move to bigger and heavier things. Choose from multiple sizes of acrylic balls, natural colors, crystal clear, glitter balls and UV reactive ones also for other stage effects. Using bright colors or UV reactive Contact Juggling Balls help with stage presence making you stage out the illusion much clearer for audiences to see.

Warning, Acrylic Balls will magnify the heat from the Sun like a lens leading to burns or possibly fire. Always store Acrylic Balls out of sunlight correctly.

Fabric jugglers balls

Select from a variety of multi-colored choices that are bright and easily seen. Soft fabric Juggling Balls are great for beginners through to advanced Juggling depending on routines and how you like to Juggle.

Our fabric Juggling Balls get filled with plastic beads perfect for those international traveling jugglers to stop those pesky customs agencies taking them from you like if they got filled with other materials like seeds.

Liquid Filled Juggling Balls

For great use and visual effect, liquid filled or implosion Juggling Balls suit the bill perfectly. Whether you are using the implosion ones where you get the special visual effect of the silicone moving around or the Sil-x range of bright standout colors, the weighted Juggling Balls work great as they have a low barycentre and the ball is super stable on high tosses and easy for foot catches and head rolling/balancing. The liquid silicone, unlike any grain, slides perfectly inside the ball so that even when the ball gets thrown with a spin, it doesn't wobble in the air. It's a soft yet durable rubber surface for good control and a long life.

LED/Glow balls for juggling

Want that extra WOW factor when performing, look no further than our great range of Glow and Led Juggling Balls range. Select your color with the selectable led juggling balls, comes with 11 modes including strobe, solid colors, rainbow fade, and color change settings. The simple and soft design makes them great for all users wanting to WOW there friends or create a magical, colorful atmosphere when performing. With a battery life of around 10 hours and the availability of well-priced batteries, it provides hours of fun of Juggling a ball.

FIRE Juggling Balls

Impress on-lookers and friends by showing off your Fire Juggling Skills, The world's first and only Fire Juggling Balls that you can Juggle WITHOUT gloves! A fire-resistant spiral cage protects the user from the internal wick and fuel reservoir. They are easy to fire up, No gloves required! Portable and tough, long-lasting, and durable. These are a pleasure to Juggle. Always remember to roll the outside of your fireballs in some water to help protect the outer layer from smoldering. Sleeving kits are available to help with repairs if needed.

Stage Juggling Balls

Soft stage balls are great for standard Juggling and some contact stage work. Soft well-weighted and they come in many many colors. Some also react to UV light for giving that extra Pop on stage.

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The Home of Poi Hassle-Free Warranty

At Home of Poi, we have a 12-month warranty/replacement process on all items purchased from us in the unlikely event that a fault occurs. This warranty does not include claims arising from abuse or misuse.

Unlike other warranties we do not ask you to send products back at your cost, we avoid this hassle for you by simply asking for photos or video of the fault.

Once your claim is approved, we will then send free parts/products with shipping all paid by Home of Poi or apply store credit to remedy the situation.

We feel this warranty substantially reduces the waiting times and expense for you our valued customer.

Most products can be recycled or reused locally, reducing the carbon footprint by not having to send items back and forth.

This warranty is the HoP hassle-free, cost-free, environmentally friendly warranty process.

All warranty/replacement claims must get made within the 12 month warranty period.

If any products are faulty, incorrect, or damaged in transit to you, you must first contact our support team.

In most cases, the return of the damaged product is not necessary. We will not reimburse the cost of shipping items back to us unless we have instructed you to do this.

We reserve the right to replace at our cost or refund the value of the damaged or faulty goods.

If you feel you wish to return the goods for any other reason for a refund with return postage paid by you, please return goods to our sales offices. Happy Juggling

View similar products by:Beginner Ball Sets Contact Juggling Balls Fabric Balls Fire Juggling Balls High Bounce Balls Implosion (Liquid Filled) Balls Juggling Balls Juggling Books/DVDs LED / Glow Balls Stage Juggling Balls

2 3/4 inch LED Lighted Ball  
     17th January, 2020

Nice balls.
"Good feel, solid juggling balls with balanced weight. I feel like these will last me a long time!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2017

2.5inch Fabric Juggling Ball  
     8th January, 2020

Juggling balls
"Very nive balls. Easy to use and in great wight."
, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2019

2 3/4 inch LED Lighted Ball  
     7th January, 2020

So awesome!
"I puchased the LED Glow Contact Juggling 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Ball (Colour: Rainbow Fade) as a gift for my husband and it's awesome! The batteries were included which was great. The colors flow beautifully! Definitely plan on buying a couple more!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2017

3 1/8 inch Stage Glow  
     6th January, 2020

Well, it glows in the dark: A beginner's review
"It's not a sequel from my previous review Well, it's the green one : A beginner's review , more a spin-off. It's been a week since I've begun contact juggling and this stage ball who glows in the dark is very good for my level. I can toss it, drop it, transfer it, drop it, cradle it...for a long time without being physically tired. It can be noisy when dropped on hardwood floor but I was thinking of buying a carpet anyway. Bonus : hard to lose as it glows in the dark."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2019

3 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
     6th January, 2020

Well, it's the green one: A beginner's review
"I've bought the implosion (the green one if you're wondering) with a traditional stage ball (not green). As a beginner, I use it mostly when I'm tired of dropping the stage ball. It's heavier (filled with some liquid, mine is green) and allows me to go slower and to really feel the motion. When tired of dropping this one, I go back to the stage ball and I do better IMO. It can be little sticky with use (and drops) but nothing some water and some soap can't fix. It's a good green liquid-filled ball."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2019

2 3/4 inch LED Lighted Ball  
     3rd January, 2020

LED Balls are Excellent!
"I purchased 7 of the 2 3/4 inch LED balls (rainbow fade) and they are absolutely amazing! Definitely exceeded my expectations for the price. Extremely bright and visible, and a huge crowd pleaser. Definitely recommend the rainbow fade color option, it's beautiful. The only slight negative: one of the seven balls turns off on its own every once in a while. It seems that it's on position is just before the knob is screwed all the way tight, which makes it challenging."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2019

Reply from Home of Poi: "Thanks for the review. If you stretch the spring inside the ball it will prevent the ball from turning off randomly. Cleaning the battery surfaces with a dry cloth can help too."

2 3/4 inch LED Lighted Ball  
     27th December, 2019

amazing JOB!
"This is Amazing!!!"
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2019

2.5inch Fabric Juggling Ball  
     17th December, 2019

Fabric juggling balls
"I'm a beginner, and i'm glad i got these- they have a nice weight and feel, and don't roll away under the furniture like the ones i've been using! cheers!"
, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2019

2 3/4 inch LED Lighted Ball  
     17th December, 2019

Led juggling balls are a hit!
"I have bought two lots of these so far as presents and the recipients have both loved them. My husband frequently juggles with these whenever we lose power and keeps the kids entertained, instead of being scared."
, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2018

2.6 inch SIL-X Silicone Color  
     11th December, 2019

Juggling ball order
"Well let see I order three contact juggking balls which took like 2 weeks to arrive and arrived empty after which i sent them an email letting them know that balls were missing and they said they'll send me another trip of then so I'm waiting."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2019

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