Telling Friends

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隨著您在我們網站的消費總額增加,我們也會增加您的折扣額度。 您的折扣適用於所有從我們這裡購買的商品。 忠誠折扣也適用於已在促銷的商品。

Friend Codes

Click on your Friend Codes tab in your account and create a friend code to give out to people. Each freind code has a 'shared discount' value and a 'bonus' value.

You will only earn a bonus on the goods total payable excluding the shipping costs and any tax if payable.

You can give friends your personal discount that you have with us, and you will earn 5% bonus when they complete their order.


If they are a new customer for us you will get your full bonus. If they are already a customer of ours then you will only get a 5% bonus

How are Multiple Friends handled?

Customer gets the greater of the discounts offered from their own account or friends. However only one friend gets paid.

Search engine advertising programs (e.g.Google Adwords, Bing/Microsoft/Yahoo Adverts...) are a friend and because they get paid immediately even if the purchase does not complete, they always take precedence as being the actual friend.

How do I give out my friend code?

  • You can tell them the friend code and then they can enter it during the checkout process
  • 为了使事情变得更容易,我们可以通过在我们的www.homeofpoi.com地址末尾添加'?friend=yourcode',将您的朋友发送到我们的网站,使用“60天Cookie”填写代码。 只要他们在浏览器中启用了Cookie,并在点击您的链接后的60天内购买了此功能,它就会起作用。
  • HTML:
    <p>I purchase all my gear from <a href="" target="_blank">Home Of Poi</a>. Feel free to use my friend code:yourcode to get some great deals or just click on my special link</p>
  • Do not promote or advertise your friend code or friend link on the 'Home of Poi' website, however please feel free to place the link anywhere else.

Always test your friend code. 測試:登出,然後使用您所製作的連結。如果他是正確的,則您會在網站頂部看到代碼分享的折扣。

How to access your credits.

Your credits are stored in New Zealand dollars and if required are converted using into your currency. So your saved amount is subject to currency fluctuations.

Any amount will be credited to your next order automatically. Bonuses expire after 12 months.