Learn Beginners Butterflies - Behind the back Butterfly

POI - Behind the back Butterfly

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HOP • Published on 16 May, 2006

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Member #76275
Reged: Jul 2008
Post2nd Sep 2008 7:56 PM 

im going to die! this shall be a feat to learn... o_O

Member #83909
Reged: Nov 2008
Post29th Nov 2008 7:57 AM 

I find it much easier to get into the BTB butterfly by first starting in a normal *backward swing* butterfly. On the upswing of any particulat beat, I direct my Poi past my hips and behind my back. I know it sounds crazy but I then let my hands cross and scoop them up towards the sky and I find that in doing this I get a pretty flat and even BTB butterfly. Hope that helps some.
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Member #88172
Reged: Mar 2009
Post9th Apr 2009 10:54 PM 

I agree with ChaoticHarmony... I find it way easier to start in front of myself with a backwards butterfly and then take it BTB... sometimes I even let the Poi do one extra beat before getting them into BTB butterfly...
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Member #94618
Reged: Jul 2009
Post7th Jul 2009 10:42 PM 

Nice! My instructor called this "rooster tail".

Member #98772
Reged: Sep 2009
Post14th Nov 2009 10:29 AM 

Cool! nice tutorial! will try this one

Member #111319
Reged: May 2010
Post21st Jul 2010 8:17 AM 

My problem is not being able to keep the Poi Spinning level against the plane. They'll either tilt so they hit my shoulders/neck, or the other way so that they hit the back of my knees. I'll definitely try the tricks you suggested here though, I might do better with the reverse butterfly lol
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Comments/replies: 6


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