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  Published on 19 Apr, 2013

With events of the past few weeks, a lot of attention has been given to the issue of safety in nightclubs. Although most of us aren't thinking about safety when we go out clubbing, the following ten simple tips will help you to have fun and stay safe while you are out having a night on the town .

1. Find your exits

When you go into a club, have a quick walk around and locate the emergency exits. Should a fire or other disaster occur, most patrons will crowd for the front door. If you can slip out a back exit, you'll avoid the mob and get out more quickly. However, do keep in mind that just because a sign points to an exit doesn't mean that the exit will actually be there or that it will open. This is why it's better to patronize legitimate, licensed clubs than broken-down warehouses.

2. Don't go alone

Go with friends and keep track of each-other through the night. If you are going to the restroom or to check out another room, tell your friends. It's a good idea to check up on everyone every 20-30 minutes and make sure that you know where everyone is and that everyone is OK (i.e. not passed out in a corner). It's helpful to designate a group meeting place and to agree to meet there every hour or so if it's a larger venue.

3. Mind your wallet

Between the noise, darkness, and flashing lights, clubs are perfect for pickpockets. Usually, I like to take my ID and some cash into a club or rave and leave the rest of my wallet locked in the car or at home. It's a lot easier to replace some cash and your ID than your whole wallet.

4. Figure out your transportation ahead of time

I'm always shocked to meet people at clubs or raves who haven't the foggiest idea how they are going to get home. Designate a driver in your group. That person must remain sober.
If you're fortunate enough to live in a place with public transportation or taxis, use that and don't forget to bring your fare.

5. Plan to drink water

Find out ahead of time whether they'll let you bring water in. If not, bring enough money to buy water. Some clubs charge a lot for water and won't let you bring any in. If this is unacceptable to you, find a different club or stay home, but don't skimp on water due to money. A good portion of "ecstasy-related" deaths are actually due to dehydration. And remember that alcohol dehydrates you, so don't substitute beer for water.

6. Bring earplugs

The volume in many clubs is at least as loud as a jet engine at takeoff power (120 decibels). Most pharmacies carry earplugs (US$2 or less) that will reduce this noise level by 30 decibels, or 1000-fold, to
90 decibels, which is about as loud as a lawnmower. Most experts agree that EVEN RELATIVELY BRIEF EXPOSURE (A FEW HOURS) TO 120 DECIBELS WILL CAUSE SOME PERMANENT HEARING LOSS.

7. Never, ever put anything in your mouth

..that you didn't bring yourself or that you didn't get from a trustworthy source in the venue (like the bar or a DanceSafe table). People sometimes lace candies and water with drugs. Some drugs (like LSD) are tasteless, odorless, and colourless.

8. Think twice about giving out your contact information

Some people act really friendly when they are on certain drugs and will want to exchange phone numbers with you. Usually, you'll never hear from each-other again.
Alternatively, you may have just gained a stalker .

9. Don't buy drugs at the venue

First, the "dealer" might be a cop. Second, the dealer is never going to see you again, so he doesn't care if he slips you a sugar pill or a pill laced with some dangerous substance in it.
Working with DanceSafe in the U.S., I have never tested a pill sold at a rave that was pure.

10. Remember it's a party

You're there to have fun. So if it gets uncomfortable or if something is keeping you from having fun, it's OK to leave! Countless deaths from hyperthermia (overheating) could be prevented if people just had the sense to leave when they got too hot!

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This is Awesome. Thanks. I know a lot of people out there will be happy to see this in writing.

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