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Do you even toe hang?

Toe hanging on my Lyra from a tree. A true monkey trait.
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Do you even toe hang?

As picked by HoP
1. Burn Out in Budapest entered by Jedy
2. Balance entered by Kiani Rose Manju1
3. Fire Feets entered by Oscar_Richards

No. 1
Pure bliss 💖
No. 2
Skys sunset silhouette
No. 3
look ma! no hands!
No. 4
my hoop friends get by with no hands
No. 5
Sunset Sundaze
No. 6
Dizzy Dynamic Foot Hooping
No. 7
Hoop, there it is !
No. 8
The perfect chest roll
No. 9
Satsang Spin
No. 10
Spin Freely
No. 11
Lucky Shot!
No. 12
Do you even toe hang?
No. 13
Queen Cobrah
No. 14
Fire Dress performance
No. 15
Sun streams
No. 16
No. 17
No. 18
Keep Rollin
No. 19
Contact juggling
No. 20
A night at the Skate Park
No. 21
Fire Pixie
No. 22
Those colors <3
No. 23
Finding balance as the sun sets....
No. 24
Crane with Mustache
No. 25
Fire Feets
No. 26
Festi fire show
No. 27
Surf Hooping at lake Saimaa
No. 28
No hands you say?
No. 29
Circle of infinite possibilities
No. 30
Making it Look Easy
No. 31
A shoulder to burn on.
No. 32
No. 33
Burn Out in Budapest
No. 34
No hands
No. 35
One leg, no hands
No. 36
Neck Hang
No. 37
Summer time, and the livins easy.
No. 38
Fire Center
No. 39
Upside down
No. 40
Sun at sea
No. 41
Hooping at Hatchers Pass, Alaska!
No. 42
Floating Poi
No. 43
Sunrise burn
No. 44
handcuffed fire staff
No. 45
Defying gravity
No. 46
No. 47
Just out of reach
No. 48
Dragon yoga
No. 49
Fire Sword
No. 50
I see triple
No. 51
telekinesis poi
No. 52
No Sweat
No. 53
No. 54
Halloween Fire Hooping
No. 55
Backwoods hoopin
No. 56
Look Ma, No Hands
No. 57
Dreaming Upside Down Down
No. 58
Wingardium Leviosa
No. 59
As one
No. 60
Shadow play
No. 61
Gymnast tricks
No. 62
The devils crucifix
No. 63
no hands
No. 64
I see the light
No. 65
Phoenix flames
No. 66
Beach jam
No. 67
No hands!
No. 68
Praise the magical Hoop!
No. 69
Serpent Dance
No. 70
Look Ma, No Hands!!
No. 71
Be Love on Fire
No. 72
Get down, get down ~
No. 73
Floating torch
No. 74
Sticky Icky
No. 75
Fire Staff
No. 76
Foot Hooping
No. 77
Magic Fire
No. 78
No. 79
What goes up...
No. 80
concentration face
No. 81
fly bird
No. 82
Perfect timing
No. 83
Air time
No. 84
sunset hooping
No. 85
Hooping fairy
No. 86
no hands
No. 87
All About the Hoops!!!
No. 88
Double Vision
No. 89
Burning down the house
No. 90
dragonstaff chest roll
No. 91
Double it UP
No. 92
Hula Happiness
No. 93
Spin off into the night sky

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