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Double Swords

Me using double swords at SpartCon in Maryland August 2015 part flow, part epic battle.
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Double Swords

As picked by HoP
1. Not the average dragon entered by Curtis_Husted
2. Hoop Club Madnes entered by m0j0j0j0
3. Balancing in the Sunset entered by Gypsy Bella

No. 1
Eva Lou Hoops
No. 2
contact staffs
No. 3
Twisted in Thailand
No. 4
Home Ingroovement
No. 5
Balancing in the Sunset
No. 6
Not the average dragon
No. 7
No. 8
Hoop Club Madnes
No. 9
Double Swords
No. 10
5 juggling staff in wall plane
No. 11
Dueling Lights
No. 12
No. 13
!!! Freedom !!!
No. 14
Color my World
No. 15

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