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Profile for Farcaş Sergiu

Farcaş Sergiu
BRONZE Member since Jun 2016
Registered on: 15th Jun 2016




Devilstick, Poi, Staff, Levistick


The juggler and the sea
one with the staff
When the flowerstick shines, I shine.
Through the gates of hell
Unleash your inner demons...and let them play.
kid meets fire. kid smiles.
dance of fire
Mom, im fine.
look mom, no hands
spinning the rave.
Void of fire
Kid of fire and sea
[Flower] stick to the fire.
one with the fire

Follow your Friends

Full moon
Having a Ball =p
Sticky sticks
Moon Love
Heavenly Reflection
SmilingTime - Rathaus Hannover
My favourite toy!
Nightless Night
Hooping has no limits!
Dragones Reales
Arm on fire
Defying Gravity
Some Hot Color??
Fire Flower by Lindzee Poi
Snakes on a Boat
Great Balls of Fire!
fire ninja
X marks the spot
One Back Bend Buzzsaw To Rule Them All
Fuente de fuego
Poi shaman
you, me and fire makes three
No Hands Headspin Burnoff
Fire Bending
Giko Magiko fire

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