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Farcaş Sergiu
BRONZE Member since Jun 2016
Registered on: 15th Jun 2016




Devilstick, Poi, Staff, Levistick


The juggler and the sea
one with the staff
When the flowerstick shines, I shine.
Through the gates of hell
Unleash your inner demons...and let them play.
kid meets fire. kid smiles.
dance of fire
Mom, im fine.
look mom, no hands
spinning the rave.
Void of fire
Kid of fire and sea
[Flower] stick to the fire.
one with the fire

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Free bird, Free staff !
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wet wedding
Pure joy
Fire makes me happy!
Light up your own world
Feel the love.
Festival of Lights 2018
Man Fans!
Fire Orb @ The Devils Disco
Cat Walk =^:^=
Tooth holds
Lets get the party started ^^
Light of Mandala
Monkey fist under the moon
Imptromtu juggles
For every passionated woman
The Quiet
Fans fairy
Princess Mescaline.
Fanning the Flames
Balance is Key
What a mess
Uber colourful
Life Long Love
Fire fans 🔥

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