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Austin_HaffeySILVER Member
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Hey, so i'm new here and have been looking into making my own fire rope dart. I'm not particularly looking to purchase the one Home Of Poi has in store, just because it's pretty costly and i can make my own out of materials i buy from Home of Poi.

What i am curious about though, is after looking at all the things necessary for the rope dart, and any additional things i want to add, there's one little "hiccup".

That's the close up of the Rope dart that Home of Poi has in the store. What i want to know is how people, who make their own rope darts or similar loops, is how should i tackle the project of attaching the rope to the chain? In the image above, you can see that where i am talking about is closest to the camera where the oval quick-link attaches to the rope portion of the item.

That loop there holding that quick-link in place is something i want to be able to do, or something similar to that. I can't really tell how it is assembled there, and so i was wondering how other people managed to create a loop that looks like that, or is in principle the same thing. Do you have to sew the end to the adjacent side of the rope, or is that like Kevlar flat wick sewed around the two edges? Even if i can't figure out how to do it like that, is there a method that works well for you?

I initially thought of just tying a knot there, but to me it would seem bulbous and could probably come undone when in use. Any suggestions are helpful.


(Also, for anyone who knows about this, i assume you know a lot about constructing in general. Do you prefer oval linked chain like in the picture above, or the ball chain?)

Edit: 190 views and no one can tell me how i would be able to make a loop with 3/8's inch rope?

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heatheraSILVER Member
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Location: Canada

It looks like you loop the rope through the quicklink and wrap/sew Kevlar strip around it to secure the loop.

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