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Posted: by Dom
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"Welcome to the Technical discussion forumThis is the place to seek information about making your own equipment, advice and tips, etc...As this site has existed for many years many thing..."
Posted: by tesla1
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"I’ve bought the black cole cord which is great for pod poi. I also bought some swivels and 8 mm rings from HOP. How on earth do you get the two diameters of cord through the ring to..."
Posted: by jessicaoscar03
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"I need a sport Earburd which can easy connect to my iPhone, so i can enjoy fantastic music or make clear phones calls without the hassles of a dangling cable. Which one is your best cho..."
Posted: by jessicaoscar03
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"Hi,I am planning to buy a fitness tracker either "Fitbit Charge 2" or "Garmin Vivosmart HR+". On the internet have got various feedback reviews (pros and cons) on both the trackers. If ..."
Posted: by Gordon301 (MrGordon301)
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"Okay, So. In a few weeks time I am running a fire show (something I've been doing for little over a year). This time however, they want a flaming version of their logo.Their logo is fai..."
Posted: by sorrysayagain
Last Reply: by Seb
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"I've tried searching the forums and Google without much luck, so I thought I'd ask what other Aussies are fire spinning with.I plan on using poi and am looking for something with a dece..."
Posted: by Ed Halperin
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"I'm having a hard time finding owners of fire devil sticks. I would like to know what they purchased and what their feelings are.... Is there a copycat/fakes market? Can anyone help? Pl..."
Posted: by Anequantum
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"Dear HOP community,I did not find this in the forum, I hope there's not already a thread with that topic.I am very interested in colored flames. As probably most of you know, you can bu..."
Posted: by crimhead
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"I found an old thread where a poster says they use hollow stemmed torches for fire-eating. Rather than "necro" a 2 year old thread just to take it off topic, I'll ask here.Has anybody ..."
Posted: by Meenik
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"Hey there,Like many of you, I'm concerned about the irresponsibility I sometimes see in the fire scene. I'm especially concerned by fuel spillage. The last thing I want to see when I'm ..."
Posted: by ritch
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"Hi all. Just joined the forums, glad to be here.Three months ago I decided that I wanted to take up the fine art of Fire Breathing. Don't know why...couldn't tell ya! But I think it had..."
Posted: by crimhead
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"Hi all. I want to learn the human candle - what's the best fuel for gathering the necessary vapour in my mouth.Cheers!"
Posted: by Anselm
Last Reply: by crimhead
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"Dear People,I'm thinking about getting into fire breathing using dry fuels (i.e. powders). I've done a lot of reading about this sort of thing, and so far have found powders to be the s..."
Posted: by Shalise
Last Reply: by Shalise
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"Does anyone know if the vinyl in stage balls is non-toxic?I know Umoja Poi state they are made of UDA made, medical grade, non-toxic vinyl. What about others? Like the solid color 100mm..."
Posted: by Eveish
Last Reply: by williams.kraig
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"Myself and my fellow Canberra Twirlies have been playing with Shellite lately... unlike kero you can set it on fire without a wick. We have found that you can draw Circles on cement wit..."
Posted: by JesssicaP
Last Reply: by Adam Hendricks
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"im new to spinning but would like to do some staff spinning. i have not interest in fire spinning atthis time but would like to know what would be the best way to make a staff for conta..."
Posted: by Daniel Efford
Last Reply: by Cythian Nelater
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"Hey, so I never heard of Poi until a couple days ago after trying to figure out the name of a toy that I had made. The way I describe it is that it's a 3 foot string with a ball on eith..."
Posted: by RedRebelle
Last Reply: by Birchrus01
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"Hi guys,I was wondering about fuels and i searched HOP forum, but i never really found an answer. I apologize if the topic has been discussed already... Anyway, has anyone ever tried sp..."
Posted: by Birchrus01
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"I am currently on a vacation trip in Sayulita Mexico, and I have made a discovery I feel should be shared with the world. White gas appears to be sold in one place, and one place alone...."
Posted: by Flow DNA
Last Reply: by Flow DNA
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"I'm surprised there isn't already a topic for this, or at least that I couldn't find one.Anyways.I, like many spinners out there, have been keeping my eye out for a decent, affordable s..."
Posted: by ofer
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"The Pendulum, PX3,Flex Wrapsta..."
Posted: by Dash
Last Reply: by Greg Crump
Views: 5367    Replies: 2
"Hi, Above is my new Hologram Dance video of me using my new Nunchaku and Poi.I have done a lot of research and have a lot of experience using programmable RGB LED wands that crea..."
Posted: by ramblinrose2991
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"I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to connect the handles?"
Posted: by tongs
Views: 897    Replies: 0
"Just wondering if any of you have come across a breakdown contact sword.Would be ideal if I could find one that is more travel friendly than other swords.. I guess I could end up making..."
Posted: by Fribroho
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"I just received my Wrapsta contact poi and I want to shorten the length. The small metal rings keep slipping when I shorten with them. What would be a preferable knot to use to connect ..."
Posted: by friend2flames
Last Reply: by Chris206c
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"Hello,I am dancing with a fire levitation wand. the metal rod gets very hot after a dance, and I am interested in trying some new tricks that involve having the metal touch my body. Any..."
Posted: by Jiminternational
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hi folks! I have looked through the forum and tried to find a question on this... I am doing a performance in a couple of weeks time, but it is indoors. The director wants the poi to ..."
Posted: by Noxsol
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"Hello, I'm based in the UK and started fire-eating with hollow stemmed torches this week, could I get some advice on fuel please? I know white spirit is the go to but the white spirit i..."
Posted: by Des Troy
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"Saw a photo of a bag poi... Im just now learning and am using a tennis ball attached to 650 paracord and I think I want to make something that hurts less when knocking oneself in the he..."
Posted: by yelfe
Last Reply: by bill
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"hello ive just ordered a set of Wolf's revenge 3 headed fire poi thought they looked fun anyone actually used multi headed poi before?what are they like to use? "
Posted: by Face_NL
Last Reply: by bwetman
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"Hey,I have been reading through a lot of messages about making LED poi's, but I was missing something... I was planning to maken strobe poi's (flickering at a rate around 20 Hz) ins..."
Posted: by melissa
Last Reply: by wbtcutter
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"any tips for cutting kevlar fabric/cloth? i recently ordered (actually it was a quirky gift from my mom... ) some of the 5 grm a yard kevlar fabric so i can experiment with some new to..."
Posted: by Robin McPlurry
Last Reply: by Robin McPlurry
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"Just recently purchased a pair of fire staffs, but i feel they may be a bit too long. theyre 3 feet 5-6inches and reach almost to my armpit if i hold the center. im a complete beginner ..."
Posted: by Danny Koh
Last Reply: by Charles_McGraw
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"Hello everyone :) I have decided to do a personal review on two of the prominent graphic/visual pois on the market today in hope of helping artistes who are considering buying one of th..."
Posted: by steffi
Last Reply: by steffi
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"Hi, I'm looking for knitted rope wick 3/8 inch (9.5mm) diameter and would be after a full roll (or at least 80meters). I've only found it from US sellers. Does any one have a lead on a ..."
Posted: by happyshopper
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"i recently purchased some new fire poi and lit them up last night for the first time. everything was goign well - nice big flames touching my hands camera was recording, i was ready to ..."
Posted: by LetumLux
Last Reply: by forestcreature
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"I looked through the search engine and couldn't find anything on "fire gloves." So, sorry if this is a re-thread. I don't remember for certain what the site was off the top of my head, ..."
Posted: by *UltraPoi*
Last Reply: by *UltraPoi*
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"Why Hello everyone in the Home of Poi world!!!HOP has been my home base for all my poi needs since I purchased my first pair here back in 2006 and began watching tutorials on this great..."
Posted: by thirteen
Last Reply: by KayEhm
Views: 4526    Replies: 7
"disclaimer: I don't work for flowtoys, and I don't know anyone from flowtoys personally. the problem: in an attempt to remove flowmass from one of my crystal cases, I made a stupid deci..."
Posted: by JesssicaP
Last Reply: by KayEhm
Views: 2862    Replies: 3
"This year is our local areas 4th annual Renaissance festival, and this year i will be taking part in the Gypsy encampment. not wanting to spend the weekend just hanging out looking cut..."
Posted: by Hawked Hobbit
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1552    Replies: 1
"What is the practical difference to the two poi types? Does one make a bigger flame, move differently, etc...?I'm going to buy one in the next couple weeks, possibly tomorrow, and knowi..."
Posted: by mello
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
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"So - I have an idea for a solo performance which includes me spinning with two short staffs and quite a bit of fire-breathing, at the same time. The problem is I don't have any idea on ..."
Posted: by lisaballerina
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"Newbie Alert...?I was just sewing my wicks onto my new Elder Flame fire fans and broke my needle in half. What do I do? Can I use a larger sewing needle? Sorry- seems like a dumb questi..."
Posted: by Garažiniai Žmonės
Last Reply: by Garažiniai Žmonės
Views: 1494    Replies: 2
"Hey guys. I haven't found anything like this anywhere, so you are my last hope. Check out this video. http://vimeo.com/10924043 The effect I am looking to find is in 0:59 minutes. The t..."
Posted: by plantgirlll
Last Reply: by BootMasterG
Views: 15947    Replies: 12
"Tomorrow my dad is giving me his stock whip so I can learn to use it with the intention of eventually having a flaming one cracking. I would really like to make my own, as we did with o..."
Posted: by poserman
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1505    Replies: 2
"I like spinning my firepoi's but I need something heavy to use as a training. The gym isn't for me and I could use some extra muscles. Since playing with POI's uses a lot of muscles it ..."
Posted: by *UltraPoi*
Last Reply: by *UltraPoi*
Views: 24651    Replies: 21
"Hello HOP fans. I wanted to drop by and introduce you to our new LED glowsticks the Ultralight. The Ultralight is a modular LED glowstick with 4 RGB LEDs. It features independent con..."
Posted: by Avery
Last Reply: by dreamsharing
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"Oddly I've google'd and searched this site, but haven't found anything. So, does anyone have advice/experience regarding prescription eyewear while doing fire poi? By prescription I mea..."
Posted: by maddogg
Last Reply: by Dash
Views: 3755    Replies: 2
"I was wondering if anyone can recommend pixel poi and hoops for performers I have looked at moodhoops future poi and hoops, a1 POI AND Spin FX. Ideally if I am buying from the USA I wo..."
Posted: by jasonpoi
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"I want to buy a set of Ninja poi. How are you supposed to recharge the AA? Go somewhere else and buy some kind of recharger? I'm in the USA, if that makes any difference in your answ..."
Posted: by Nick Poet
Last Reply: by yabyum
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"Hey guys, I've been spinning poi for almost two years now, and think I am ready to move to fire poi. Which one would you recommend? Which fuel should I use? I read kerosene is good, is ..."
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