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im looking to findout what the best way to make small fire eating wands. right now the best way i can see doing it is a bit of 1 inch adhesive wick with the end being sewed up. im curious what everyones preferances are

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Since they're on fire, sewing them up seems to be a bad idea. Like an industrial solar powered mountain tunnel digger thingamajigger.

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oh i was talking about using kevlar thread it seems to work but i worry that the only thing that is keeping it on is the adhesive and the tightness of the whole wick.
oh and can you explain what you meant by "industrial solar powered mountain tunnel digger thingamajigger." you kind of lost me with that one. lol

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A solar powered tunnel digger is fairly useless. I think that there was not much more to it than that....

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What I'm using (it may not look the bes up close) are hangers and kevlar.

I cut the middle section of the hanger(the area you would hang your pants over) and straighten and twist the remaining two sides together.
Put the wick inbetween the wires and fold the tops down. Pinch them shut with some pliers and wrap the rest of your wick around. I use kevlar thread to seal it all up.

The part of the hanger that would be going over the rack makes for a nice handle, and they are nice and light.

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