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Posted:I'm not much of a DIY person, so instead of making my own LED poi I was wondering if anyone has tried any of the various led poi available over the web and has any likes/dislikes about their purchaces.

I personally love my sock poi, so preferably i'd like to find something that I could just get a new pair of socks and put the illuminating ball into the end. If anyone knows somethign good that I coudl substitute like that i'd love your recomendations.

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Nothing beats them biggrin clearly I've become hugely biased recently, but it's still how I ardently feel.

Sadly there's still a little while to go before they should be commercially available in October.

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Posted:Have you checked out the HOP shop?? My first ever set of glowing poi came from HOP and I love them to death. I must admit there are other poi options out there that are somewhat better/brighter than the ones I got from HOP, but the rainbow ones are never quite as bright as single color. You can also buy them with the Foxy Socks which work very very well and have a nice bit of stretch to them without being too much.

The Hop Shop also sells Beaming Balls which are basically a hard plastic ball with 6 (I think) LEDs around the outside so no matter which angle you look at it you see an LED. They work well, but are a bit heavy if you are used to swinging glowsticks and they will hurt if you get hit. But hey, that's how it goes with poi. Personally I prefer heavy poi more akin to firepoi weight.

For other options there's tons of places out there. I'd HIGHLY recommend looking into buying a pair of Oggz. sells Oggz converted into poi but you can buy the straight up Oggz from the manufacturer and other various places without the loop in them so they can be dropped in a Sock. I have the Oggpoi from flowtoys and they are AWESOME, they are soft (cept for a small part at bottom) and colors are VERY VERY bright. Best of all, they are RECHARGEABLE which is a HUGE plus to me. to get em straight from maker.

If you want to buy some different poi, flowtoys also sells its own Flowlights. They aren't balls but they are a REALLY GREAT glowstick replacement that runs off AAA batteries instead of super expensive button batteries. I have these also and they are great (the flowpoi duos and 2 flowstaffs as well). 10 modes, bright colors. Not too cheap to buy though but they are VERY hard to break and last a LONG time on 1 battery. I have been known to take the flowlights out of the poi they came with and drop them into socks to nice effect.

You can find glowing juggling balls at all kinds of sites and they are always a decent option though I would caution against any of the kind that have a bead filling in them as they always seem more dull than the regular plastic kind (prob due to the amount of material the light has to shine through)

But of course, Hyperlights are the end all be all of poi, but you may kill yourself with anticipation until they come out (i know i've died at least 3 times...)

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Posted:So about the hyperlights that the two of you seem to be stoked about, what exactly are they. I don't see much of anything in ways of an explanation of the things on the site. anyone have a link to a video of a prototype?

I am looking for something that has some weight to it. I originally started spinning with glow stick but have since moved to poi. The mass of a poi just feels right when I'm spinning, so i want something that keeps that integral part. I love spinning fire, but the local police of the new city that I'm in don't seem to think it's all that great.




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Posted:I've been also looking for some LED poi.

I've been looking at some Sonic stars but i wanted to post here first to see what peoples opinions are.


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Posted:Hyperlight is a member here. He has been developing a unique set of glowpoi called hyper lights which are programmable. That means you can set up a timing sequence in your poi which changes colors to match the speed of your music or your spinning routine. And they are really bright looking, from the vids Ive seen.

They really are a step up in the evolution of poi toys. Should be a veritable feeding frenzy when they hit the open market.

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Posted:The hyper lights also have a really nice weight to spin with and yes are very bright biggrin (cheers yakumo wink )

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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Posted:There's a bit more information in the FAQ, but in essence, they're nicely weighted sock poi that glow almost as brightly as fire, and have the added bonus that you can program them to do any sequence of any colours you can imagine!

*takes deep breath*

...they're not commercially available yet, but things are looking good for the October release date I'm aiming for smile

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Posted:i've had the plesure of playing with hyperlights numerous times and also recently so i know how they are progressing and let me jsut say... WOW!! they really are beyond comprehension until you see them in person, watch the videos, look at the pictures, they really are that good if not better smile

try youtube and the gallerys here for photos, just search hyperlights smile


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Posted:I would also have to recommend the Ogg poi. I just got them from flowtoys and they are incredible. Unless of course you want to wait for Hyperlights which will definitely be worth the wait. I would not recommend the LED poi from HOP. Of the 6 that I have purchased, 5 of them have broke. The molded loop at the top snaps very easily. The latest one that i have has a thicker mold so maybe those will last longer but the Oggz are manufactured much better.
mmmmmm hyperlights!


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Posted:Are these oggz better than the rainbow poi off homeofpoi? They dont really look that bright in the pics. About 20 for 2 is ok though i suppose

Are globalls or 'aerotech' poi not sold anymore?

oh, and do the oggz come with a uk charger?


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Posted:I want me some Hyperlights.


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