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Posted:Okay, do you ever find that you have patterns to the names of the people in your life?

For example, the women in my life all tend to have uncommon names...Reed, Allyson, Noelle, Denise, Pauline, Bernice, Paula, Irene, Danielle, Michie, Rafiqa... none of these are really common names, at least not around here.

However, the men tend to fall into patterns.

I know no less than 6 Jims. They all are fun loving, tend to be fix-it guys, very inventive, kind and giving.

I know about 5 Christophers, and they all preferred to be called Chris. They are all extremely artistic, mellow, nature loving, inquisitive, caring, adventurous and all of them have a great sense of humor and quick wit.

I know 4 Marks. Each of them plays it safe in life, tend more towards 9-5 living and computers. They are the strong types, but are very social and funny.

Now, I am not saying this is true for every person with those names. I just found it extremely interesting how I have such extreme repetitions with similar personality traits (obviously each is still a very unique individual though) in the males, but the women are all quite diverse.

Anyone else run into something like this?
I think it is really interesting but it gets confusing when I tell stories! lol

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Posted:Written by: flash fire

Written by: Rouge Dragon

i dont know about names, but i realised out of 5 guys i'd consider boyfriends...3 were saggitarians!

Totally understandable Rouge! Sagittarians are, quite simply, the best of the best. cool

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i found in humanities there is a lot of confusion when the teachers asks 'josh' to answer a question.....we have three of them in the one class.....also two melissa's and two mathews and two bianca's
funny that i have never met anyone with the same name as me...who would have thought that Taya would be such an un-common name?!
oh yeah and i feel the only person in the world with the name Taya Ketelaar-Jones....its true!!!

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Posted:interesting...i've known a lot of kellie/kelly/kelli's (male & female), & adrians (again male & female - though they all had different nicknames...), & liz's (who all seemed to be called liz, not elizabeth), my ex adam had a best mate adam, i know too many megans!! ubblol i could go on...

i haven't really noticed a pattern in people's names...but now that you mention in pele, i'm going to look into it! biggrin

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Posted:I have a fairly unusual name and have only met another with my name once before in the past, however I have noticed 2 other people on HoP called Bryn as well.

So are all people called Bryn jugglers? smile

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Posted:Written by: Pele

I know about 5 Christophers, and they all preferred to be called Chris. They are all extremely artistic, mellow, nature loving, inquisitive, caring, adventurous and all of them have a great sense of humor and quick wit.

you know another Christopher... only if you call him by his RN, he preferes Christopher... That's the name his mother gave him... use the whole thing or sumthing else altogetha! Dunno about being artistic or quick witted tho'! But the rest tends to run true!

i know very few people with the same names... altho there are a few marks... but they're all quite different from each other, and i know 2 john's who are not very alike either!

Regards hug

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Posted:I knew at least 5 Sarah's and 8 or 9 katie's. Mark's Matthew, David, Richard and Michael were common too.

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