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I have a bit of trouble with Xaeda staff lesson 2 & 3. When the left hand takes control of the staff, I can't manage to keep turning the staff and get my hand in position to pass back to the right hand. Any tips?

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as your left hand is passing the staff past your hip to go behind your back, your whole arm kind of rotates from the shoulder.. so your wrist is near your hip, and palm facing out.
Also, i find that if you put in an extra spin behind your back, it makes it easier to pull it to the front of your body with your right hand..
If any of that makes sense. Anyone agree/disagree?

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try getting lesson twelve down first. It's basicly the same concept but from a helicopter starting point, rather than a rotor (That's how I got it down once upon a time). It's a little diffirent but once you can get the hang of the basic btb moves like this one it will open up hundreds of variations.


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Originally posted by SickpuPpy:
.. once you can get the hang of the basic btb moves like this one it will open up hundreds of variations.
Yeah he's right! after a single practice session my friend managed to open up Armor King, Kinumitsu and Panda! Dr B. is still a bit out of our league .. for now!

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Ok I remember how i learned btb stuff and i reckon it is a really simple way to get the technique down. I began my staff learning with what i call figure of eight with double finger spin. You probably know what i am talking about there as i think that is the easiest best looking beginner move. I then just learned to (using right hand) do a wrist spin on right hand side, taking staff behind back then do a throw, turning body catching it so i was facing forwards, this way you only have to a little bit of stuff btb. This looks cool anyway. Having mastered that I was then able to take the staff in the left hand and bring it back round to the front without the staff leaving my hands.
it is strange because the initial move appears to be harder but the fear of not being able to see flaming wicks is slightly alleviated and you can get used to the concept of it being behind your back.
Sorry if this is a terrible explanation of something pretty simple but if you can work out what i am trying to say it is a really effective way of beginning to learn how to function btb, with the added bonus of looking quite good while you do it.
Good luck!

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