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While posting in a topic in social discusion i thought of a up a new way to light fire.Many people know if u spin unlit glowsticks then swing them into the ground they crack and light up. Well i thought of a way this could be done with fire poi.dip you wicks in kero or whatever is your fuel of choice. Somehow attach one or more strike anywhere match heads to the wicks on a spot you know could make contact with the ground. Swing your unlit wicks a few times for speed, and then swing them into the ground. In theory this would light the matches and therefore light your wicks. I dont know if this would work or not. fire people i would like to hear your imput------------------"I was sad, for I had no shoes. Then I met a man who had no feet"

Its all in good, clean, light producing fun.

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Sounds a bit hit and miss to me (if you'll pardon the pun). And also a little dangerous because as the wick hits the ground the impact has a tendency to spray fuel outwards which, if this was igniting as it went could be lethal
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.Also, unless you have particularly volatile matches where you are, it will take more than simply striking the ground to ignite them. Otherwise match boxes would burst into flames when you dropped them . . .
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I don't think this would necessarily be dangerous, especially if your wicks are properly spun-out and the audience is a healthy distance back, but it would be hard to pull off. You'd probably need a lot of matches lashed on there just so that one would strike the pavement (obviously you'd have to do this on pavement or concrete, not grass or dirt) at the right angle to light. You'd also need to use white gas or some other high-volatility fuel. One match may not be enough to light lamp oil (which I use) or kero. In short--sounds like fun, but probably not practical.

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that totally wouldnt work, if you were spinning matches they would just go out immediately, and kero is really pretty hard to light, so you'd have to use other fuel... PLUS since you are starting the wicks would be totally cold!

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If you saw the movie "Miss Congeniality", with Sandra Bullock. One of the Miss America contestants does some double fire stick twirling. Shows off some nice auto ignition twirling fire sticks which light up at the press of a button. Where do I buy them?
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you could stick a bit of flint in the ends of your wicks

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Malcom: a few AA batteries and some model rocket engine igniters should do the trick nicely if you are using white gas. ;-)-p.

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Okay..I agree that she could pull off some pretty nice baton tricks Malcolm. I am not even close to good enough with staves yet to attempt it! And I saw on MTV Springer Break this girl who kept the neck roll going with a baton,whithout stopping or handling it. Just around and around. That was cool. Anyways...to the strike anywhere matches....So for going on three years I have performed in a Victorian Christmas Festival in November and December. My character is "Maggie the Matchgirl", this completely crazy poor woman who sells 'previously tested' matches to the patrons. I use the strike anywhere matches, since I can sit on a snow covered bench and strike them against a building to 'test' them. The thing I have found with the strike anywhere's is that they are tempermental at best, sometimes they light, sometimes they won't and even better than that is lots of times they break. I had a flaming match head snap off and hit me in the chin last year. No big deal but it would definately put a kink in the lighting of your poi. That and I dunno about where you are but for some reason strike anywhere's are hard to come by here. I got mine from a fellow cast member who's wife found them.Anyway...for proof of Maggie's existence go to....https://free.freespeech.org/spiderblade/maggie.htm>>sigh<< *looking at ground*
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And yes, that really is me...er..Maggie but me.
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we have safety matches in Australia that make this impossible :/

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