Single Ignis Pixel Club 48 Smart Unit

ignis pixel led juggling club demo with phone adjustments

Ignis Pixel Clubs - Pogusarski Jugglers

Single Ignis Pixel Club 48 Smart Unit

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Love your Pixel LED Juggling Club and your audience will love you too.
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  • Upload your pictures through the Ignis Pixel mobile app or with computer software
  • Compatible with Android/iPhone
  • You know it, the casing is based on well-known Pirouette geometry
  • Perfectly balanced for clean juggling
  • Be seen from all angles with 3 rows of 16 LEDs
  • Image Stabilization function for your best image reproductions
  • All together now!
  • Yes, Wireless Sync Unit allows syncing with other Ignis props

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Ignis Pixel Clubs are programmable LED clubs for juggling.
Geometry, weight, and balance are similar to the well-known Pirouette model.
Unique lighting every time: upload your own images into the club: colorful patterns, emoji, effects, etc.
The system of timeline sequencing allows you to set the pictures in a row with the timings you need, so images change while you juggle.
Programming is carried out in Ignis Pixel Application on your mobile phone.
This also makes your phone a remote controller for your Ignis Pixel Clubs: launch them and switch pictures at a distance right from the phone.
Built-in Wireless Sync option, compatible with DMX Remote Control for big and circus stages.
The smart version additionally contains:
- Training statistics in the mobile application: you can see the number of throws, drops, timing and calories burnt*
- Image stabilization: retains width and position of an image in the air while juggling.
- Extended battery capacity of 3500 mAh adds 30% working time.
The price is for 1 Club.
*Tricks count - throws, and drops are still beta and maybe not accurate.
It will be improved with firmware updates.
Buy some today!

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  • Resolution: 48 pixels 144 LEDs
  • Length of LED part: 52 cm 20.5
  • Weight: 235 g 8.29 oz.
  • Working time: 4h average; 27 min full white; up to 19h low brightness
  • Number of colors: 16.7 million Color depth 24 bit
  • Battery capacity: from 2600 mAh to 3500 mAh
  • Total length: 52 cm
  • Compatible with Mobile App Android, iPhone

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9th July, 2024
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"Very happy with these Poi. Good weight, easily adjustable straps and solid attachment. Different functions look good."
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"I LOVE my LED poi, great with cords, fabulous with sock poi for beginners and as I live in a desert not likely to set a forest on fire. Fit easily in a pocket or backpack and easy to bring enough to share. Also love ultra poi with comet tails for daytime spinning. Best moving meditation and core workout that I know about. All about the Flow! Thank you Home of Poi!"
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