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16th October, 2018

Great for beginners
"To be honest, I expected beginner pois to be a bit softer and not as hard as stones, but in the end it's actually easier to train with them then with lighter pois. The occasional head ache can be managed ;)"
, Germany.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Sep 2018

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31st October, 2017

Excellent poi
"These poi were recommend for the poi introduction course that I am following now. The quality of these poi are excellent. These poi are heavy enough to slow down your moves and practice. I have read some online reviews stating that these poi will not hurt when they hit you. I would say that they will not hurt much, but making a mistake and accidentally hitting yourself in your face or on your ear will hurt. There is no doubt about it. But ... that is all part of the learning process and the hurt is soon forgotten when you succeed in getting your moves right. The length adjustment is easy and can be done quickly. These are good quality poi for a fair price."
, Netherlands.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2016

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24th May, 2016

new poi woop woop
"I got my new poi on time, of course since i was waiting it felt like forever, but they really did show up on time. They worked fine just out of the package and still are i practice every day."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2016

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9th February, 2016

awesome flow
"The cord spins and slides very smoothly. Cole cord is great. The balls have good weight. The swivels are smooth and the construction is top notch. I am completely satisfied!!! ♡♡♡"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2015

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14th August, 2015

LED Podpoi and Foxy Sock Poi
"Love both sets of poi I got here! I tied loops into the ends of my sock poi so I could loop my fingers in. They have a nice speed and the fabric keeps its shape and length nicely."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2015