Ultimate Juggling Beginners Kit

Ultimate Juggling Beginners Kit

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A beginners Dream for learning all your juggling skills
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  • Club Benefits: Soft flexible handle for ultimate comfort; Excellent value for money; Versatile and durable, able to take the knocks.
  • Ring Benefits: Memory Plastic, even if bent, will always return to original shape; Super strong, almost impossible to damage; Super bright colors for greater visual impact; Comfortable rounded edges are easy on your hands.

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About the Ultimate Juggling Beginners Kit
Ball Benefits:
3 colors for showing off tricks.
Good solid weight for accurate throws.
  • Rings: 4mm thick; Durable Memory Plastic; 320mm Outside Diameter; Weight 98g.
  • Balls: 70g / ball; 63mm 2.5inch diameter.
  • Clubs: Length: 450mm; Diameter: 31-83mm.

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Malcolm Crawshay, Managing Director


30th December, 2019
Great gift for the grandson
"This was a good purchase for the grandson to learn to juggle. Shopping the store was easy and pleasant. The item showed up as predicted and in perfect shape. The product, store and shipping all rear 5 stares."
Johnmarl, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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