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Pro monkey fist fire poi

Was spinning in the rocky mountains when I bumped into a national geographic photographer who caught this! Home of poi is the quite literally the home of all my poi!
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Pro monkey fist fire poi

As picked by HoP
1. Wall of Fire entered by sandymarabahaya
2. Divine Harmony entered by Juliette_Antony
3. Lucie / AcrobatAfo entered by AcrobatAfo

No. 1
Lotus Fire Fans
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
eastern sierra Triquetra
No. 5
No. 6
No. 7
Charity Fire eating
No. 8
The Summoning
No. 9
Spirit Fire
No. 10
Kevlar Wick
No. 11
Fire poi
No. 12
Cathedral Orbital
No. 13
Lights in the night
No. 14
I Love Comets
No. 15
Feel my Flame
No. 16
Playground Poi
No. 17
The Sun god
No. 18
True of Red Fire
No. 19
No. 20
Flying fans
No. 21
Snow Flow
No. 22
No. 23
Slacking on a Hammock
No. 24
The lake
No. 25
fire fans underground
No. 26
Ring of Fire
No. 27
Vestalina Lotus
No. 28
Pod Poi Long Exposure
No. 29
34 weeks pregnant
No. 30
Drag Circle with Medium Cathedral Fire Poi
No. 31
Flower Pods
No. 32
Twista Fire Poi
No. 33
play in the park
No. 34
fire and water
No. 35
No. 36
Flower of light
No. 37
Lucie / AcrobatAfo
No. 38
No. 39
Phoenix Fire Art
No. 40
No. 41
No. 42
magic  orbital
No. 43
Van Gogh Fire Poi
No. 44
Divine Harmony
No. 45
Seven petal v ext
No. 46
Miss Pin Up UK - Led poi
No. 47
Tosses with Lotus Fire Fans
No. 48
Mama F
No. 49
No. 50
Flame dye
No. 51
My Dragon Fire
No. 52
snow dragon
No. 53
Fire double helix
No. 54
Embrace Fans
No. 55
Multi-Color LED Poi Balls
No. 56
colors in the wind
No. 57
Pro monkey fist fire poi
No. 58
River Trip Poi
No. 59
Fire Staff @ the King Cat
No. 60
Coloring The ARUBA Beach Sky
No. 61
Fire Tracers
No. 62
Wall of Fire
No. 63
4 beat weave Sep 2015
No. 64
No. 65
Hour glass
No. 66
A Practice A Day
No. 67
Buzzsaw Beauties
No. 68
Fire 🔥🔥🔥
No. 69
Pod Poi Partner Jams
No. 70
Lotus fans

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