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(...trusty steed of the rodeo midget...)
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Teeheehee,all the old jugglers and poi heads, watch them crawl out of their nooks and crannies for a weekend of spinny fun!

Hmmm, looks like there might be very little happening at the fire show tonight unless the weather tidies up, it's pretty messy out there at the moment.( V. gusty, with splats of rain)

Stock up on sandpaper....


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24th June, 2006
Excellent service a shining example
"Other companies should take a look at HOP for a lesson in how to keep customers happy excellent service super efficient and user friendly. Much cheaper than buying props/supplies locally even from the other side of the planet. Quick as a flash not too much cash ;-) Now that's service"
Martin Curran, Ireland.   [Verified Buyer]
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