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Lana Mae
BRONZE Member since Jun 2019
Registered on: 19th Jun 2019

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Fan Dancing, Russian Grip fan, Poi


I am a performing artist from St. Louis, MO and love traveling for performances. I am a co-owner of The Dancing Bear Tribe performing arts group and we all love reppin HoP!!


HoP is the BEST!


Happy Butterfly
Cave Butterfly
You cant come near me, if I am surrounded by flames...
Feet Fans
Fire Smile
Fire Bones
Fire Flow
Rainbow Road
Becoming One
Winter Wonder
Flow like water
Fire on the Mountain
Lyra Love
Silky Space
Hoop Love
Lyra Love x2
Social Distancing Butterfly

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Cabaret Fire
Diamonds & Fire
Love & lacht
Meeting the dragon
sign from the gods
My Fire, My Style
moving with my fav dance partner just always gifts me the biggest smile
Blood Moon Double Fire Hooping Love
Pre Show Prep
Light up the beach.
calm before the storm
Break the Static
Light Em Up
Happy halos at how weird
Lean Back
In The Moment!
Yin Yang Vortex
Fire Shadow
Fire Angel
Staff Elbow Roll
Kid of fire and sea
The Fire Nation Attacks!
Xs and Os
A Tanoura dance
The Neon Demon
Have your fire, and eat it too!

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