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Posted:I have made and seen these four toys out there, although rare, in practice and in fire form; Yet...

I've searched and I have seen many videos of Buugeng and S-staves but no real tutorials. HoP Sells the 3 section staff but yet to see a video posted by anyone. I've yet to see Hook Swords and Horse Bench in the hands of another spinner.

Are there any other members with experience in these that are willing to share knowledge? Or anyone interested in starting in on these? I have plateaued in skill and want to bring these into the flow arts to see what the innovative minds of today's flow artists will do with them.

I will do my best to master these arts and maybe in the future we will see fire hook swords or a fire horse bench in a gathering.

Please, if you know of anyone with skill with these toys or would like to try them and see what life you can breathe into them, share!

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Posted:With S-staff I would say look up Dai's (creator of the "Buugeng") videos, he has a few tutorials, and also on his website he lists some basic moves also.

With that being said, look into double staff moves, while just making sure you keep the s-staff in the proper alignment. It's slightly different than double staff, and takes some time to get used to, but it's well worth it I think.


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