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Posted:'alo.I would rate myself an intermediate twirler. I got most 'o 'dose tricks down, a nice progression that I call my "own", and the ability to keep what I think is a consistently interesting routine up for the nec. 5.43 minutes of a decent burn.Friday night, I lit a new pair of wicks I had made on a much shorter pair of poi. I did this because of a lot of the things I have been reading on this site. The chains were a bit shorter than my forearms... and the wicks were nine-inch long kevlar doublestacks. Significantly shorter and heavier than my 32" regulars with tiny, light wicks.Using the new poi felt so incredibly different and I felt them immediately change my style for so much the better......that and the fireballs were huuuuuuge.So... I just wanted to write this to anyone else who might be at a similar point in their development with the some point, try some new equipment... it may totally change your perspective on things."I used to have a complex about getting to complex..."~Reflection Eternal

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Posted:thank you for that lovely bit of insight. perhaps ill try some four foot long chains eh?