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Posted: Ok, so today I was kind of bored and decided to do a big search of the internet. I remembered seeing some instructional videos for batons and other stuff a while back and wanted to see if I could rediscover them. Here is some stuff I came up with: flag twirling video and a baton twirling video ($25US and $27US respectively), and both sound like they start from the basics up.--- flag video. Also beginning to more advanced... 41 mins, but $40US.--- are four videos devoted to rolls. Going from beginner to "super advanced." Sound good but $50US each! That'd be $200US for all four of them... If someone here has big pockets, let us know how they are..
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--- video devoted to tossing and catching at $30US. The vidcaps page doesn't seem to exist and the site looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, so I think I'd e-mail them before trying to order anything.--- is a bazillion tapes from the 2000 Nationals. It seems like the Finals 1 + 2 tapes would be the way to go, but $80US each! Big ouch... I guess it depends on how long they actually are.. doesn't say, but they have an e-mail address for more info.--- far as textual descriptions online.. here is a couple of things. The first address has some tricks, and the second has some info. under tips and tricks and twirl doctors.If I find anything else, I'll let you know. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything online videos except for Home Of Poi (thank goodnesss for hop!) and those jazz cane videos.Hope something in here is helpfull...

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