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Rung Arun

Rung Arun


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Posted:Hey there!

I urgently need some inspiration!
I was travelling in Thailand and India for about 10 months and now have to go back "home" to Germany ubbcrying

Also there's lots of stuff just waiting to get managed.ooooops
Moving out from my mothers place, finding a way to earn money (which is quite scary to me as I never really worked before) and in a way deciding what to do with my life (studying/education...) confused
The things that I love, poi/staff spinning, dancing, martial arts, massaging... don't seem promising for earning money (I think I have to learn a lot more before that's possible).
I think I'm just confused and afraid to make mistakes or take risks (which is so much easier when you travel).

Does anyone have any suggestions?
How did you feel back "home" after travelling?
How did you manage to settle again, find direction and inspiration?


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fluffy napalm fairy

fluffy napalm fairy

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Posted:I felt lost, relieved, sad, excited, cold(!), poor and lucky. Big mix!

But I was going to university when I got back so I immediately had another direction to aim towards, and some sort of path to follow (even if it didn't feel like the right one when I returned).

Give yourself time to re-adjust, and be honest with yourself.
Work through the things that NEED to be done methodically, and try and be organized (unlike when travelling if you were anything like me!) as it will make everything easier to deal with.
Try not to get phased by it all!
Have lots of these hug
Don't try and compare home with 'away' cos you will just end up getting grumpy. Look at the unique things that being home offers you which are just as important smile

Good luck - letme know how it goes. I reckon it won't be nearly as tricky as you think. 10 months is a big chunk but not so long that anything major will have changed, so you will find it much easier to re-adjust once you're back. The two places seem so different, and you've probably changed a lot too, but you now gotta find yourself a happy middle ground.


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Rung Arun

Rung Arun


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Posted:Thanks for your reply and the hug 's fairy smile
Sitting sweat-dripping in an Internet Cafe near the beach I can totally understand why you felt cold back home biggrin But relieved? Hm, I guess I'm just not back yet. Where did you travel?

Written by:

Don't try and compare home with 'away' cos you will just end up getting grumpy. Look at the unique things that being home offers you which are just as important

Hm, good point. The thing is that I don't really see the "unique" things, yet.
I really don't like the place where I live (boring suburb, no nature, narrow minded people etc.) all the good friends I have are at least 2 hours away by train, and I spend all the money exorbitantly joyous bounce ubbrollsmile while travelling. *daydreaming-in-some-memories-of-places-and-people-a-big-grin-on-his-face*
I guess the main thing is just the time at home that I fear (even to get stuck), until I have the money to move out and on - ohh man, I see a lot of tears from my mom coming... frown

What do you study? wink

Anyway thanks a lot, fairy hug


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Posted:Remember that this is another part of your life journey.
The joy that you found when travelling is still within you, it may seem more difficult to connect with, but its always there.
If you are uninspired by what is around you at the moment, try to create something that will inspire you and others. Purhaps take part of your eperience in whatever country you were in and share it with others. You spoke of needing to learn more in what you love before being able to make money with it - well find, or start a group to share skills in those areas
Above all try not to seperate your travelling self/experience with your 'now' self. You are one and the same. Travelling and now are different spaces - try to find the best in both.
I for sure found it depressing at times being back in the UK after I 1st came back form 15 months in Asia, but I used the positivity and stregth that I found in my eperiences travelling and chanelled them into a possibilty of making Fire and travelling a reality for my job. For sure I feel fortunate, but everything is possible.
Good Luck and Love to you

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Posted:There's always changes in the outward things life. One trick is to connect with the underlying qualities that have been important/inspiring to you in your travels... you may not be able to duplicate the exact appearance/way it was somewhere else, but you can do your best to bring that quality home with you in the way that IS possible.
For example, was it beauty and colour? Then make sure you put beautiful colours around you. Was it spontanaeity? Then make sure YOU are more spontaneous, was it meeting new people? Then be more open and friendly to people...

And yes you WILL make 'mistakes' (so what, feeling crappy about that is a cultural thing. You do have a choice to just laugh and get on with it...)) and you are likely to feel like you've moved on and learned stuff that other people maybe haven't, and that other people don't 'get'... that's part of growing in many ways. Youd feel like that if you had had a baby, or a big sickness...

Keep in touch with people vis internet or eg us lot, keep rememering that there IS a biggere world out there where people do 'get it'! And get back out there as soon as you can!

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