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any advise on unique,subtle standard ways of changing the length of the poi chords during a performance?

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Wrap chord around hand smile



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either round the hand or round the fingers, i find round the fingers is best for me as then i can keep a good grip on the chains to maintain good control.

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Elastic chains?


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tuck em under your armpits while in wall plane.... like how rick thai tom does in COL 5....

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use reels?

Non-Https Image Link


apologies for the bad pun that has nothing to do with the thread - this link is a basic bf reel and although reels themselves don't do what you wanted, they are nice moves to use to shorten/lengthen your poi whilst spinning smile

this is a completely random link to a nice reel variation seemingly recorded at an airport that i think i may have run through once... i think it was chicago

cole. x

tee hee

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Written by: tsw

any advise on unique,subtle standard ways of changing the length of the poi chords during a performance?


Simply take your existing cord and cut it in half.

Now obtain a small, but sturdy, plant seedling with earth packed around its roots and secured by a small mesh bag.

Tie the head end of your poi cord to the growing tip of the seedling, and the handle end of your other cord to the roots of the sapling.

This will give you a poi cord whose middle section consists of a growing (albeit, slowly) plant.

Spinning for a solid month during sunny weather should give you a

Written by: tsw

.....unique,subtle way of changing the length of the poi chords during a performance

albeit, a long performance; but there'd be no denying the subtlety and uniqueness of the method smile

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that way isnt very standard though.. wink

and its just getting plain silly now.

I like it.


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you can grab one string with the other hand: do a fwd butterfly and when the poi about to cross at the top grab the left string halfway between the head and the handle with your RH - hey presto one poi is half the length of the other smile obviously there are loads of variations on this, ill stick up a thread if anyone is interested??

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