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Posted:I don't know if my Mum's going blind or not.

In the last couple of weeks she developed red around her eye, just looked like a bit of a rash, no biggy. Now she can barely see through it. The red is all around her eye and it's puffy and swollen over.

It looks about the quarter of the size of her right (unaffected) eye.

She's probably not even going to go blind but it looks horrible and I feel really sad for her. frown Everytime I look at it I feel so bad.

She didn't do anything out of the ordinary to trigger an allergic reaction or anything. The doctor doesn't really know what it is, he just gave her some drops but they're not working.

Sorry for this, I've always been a bit of a worrier...

It's just getting worse by the day.

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Posted:That doesn't sound very good, sorry to hear about it. Perhaps consult a couple of other doctors? More opinions might shed some light..


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Posted:i wonder if parents know how much thier kids worry about them

hope your mum gets well soon roarfire

if its any cosolation i have seen something like your describing before more than once on other people. i dont know if its the same thing but there all ok now.

lots of fluffy energy for you



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Last year my mum had to have a major operation to remove a cancerous growth under her chin. Just recently, she had to have some further surgery to unblock a saliva duct. At both times she was in a lot of pain and discomfort.

It is tough seeing your mum suffering, I know. Just be strong.


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