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Right now i had some feedback from you guys (although i have not had the chance to read it yet)So....Are there any goths in the the world that would like to chat?Or perhaps meet up (if your in the london or Essex area?)I do poi a the Electric Ball room each week.I will be there on the 13th of July, with glowsticks a'swinging!Call me

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Hey i still love ya even if no one replys to me!Wow taking to my self with out moving my lips, strange or what?

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im nowhere near there, but ill give ya some luv shadowblade...if i were near, id spin witcha..Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"- Willy Wonka

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- Mark Twain

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wahey,part-time goth, in oxford! isn't the eletric ballroom closing soon though?
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. i've never taken my poi to a goth club. what do people think?dott
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Ok, I've resisted the urge long enough, and I just can't resist any longer.It is really possible for a true goth to move fast enough to spin poi?(ducks and runs for cover.)-p.

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Hey, now.... Actually my entire troupe is made up of Goths and Rivitheads. We'd spin with you but we're in the states.

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Yeah, yeah. I get enough of the punks/rivets/spooky kids I hang with callin' me a "fuckin' raver" ever since I started spinning. All in fun... maybe they're just jealous...;P

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Wow! people love the fire at goth clubs... i use my poi to blackmetal, industrial, etc..Try witches dance by wumpskut that is fun!i try as much as possible to make the "art" fit to my personality rather than conform to the raver side of it (not that ravers or raves are bad i didnt say that) its just not my bag baby
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yay metal!

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I live in Essex, I'm not much of a goth, but my sister is and I met some of her goth friends...AND I went to the Devonshire Arms a couple of times. Does that make me elligible?! Which day are you at the Ballroom?Would love to chat...

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