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True seduction is not found in a body type or appearance. It is a fire in the eyes and heart. For me it’s about raw connection with the music and your entire body’s potential to explode, visualizing carving the air with such speed the flames tear it apart, curving that force and loading it, unleashing it in a new direction with the movement and energy pivoting from your toe, through you hips and shoulders, snapping out through the tips of your fingers and leaving you breathless and centered and fully present. - Dan Miethke Model: Cassia Chloe self Photography: Oliver Pooley
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As picked by HoP
1. Cancun nights entered by Kim Ní Shearcaigh
2. Look into my eyes entered by izabelle__dean
3. The Eye of Ra entered by Robert Nadel

No. 1
Dancing by the lake
No. 2
Infinite Circles
No. 3
The deamoness
No. 4
No. 5
Amidst the Ruins
No. 6
The Eye of Ra
No. 7
Eyes on Fire
No. 8
Fire and water
No. 9
Seduction warms the Heart
No. 10
Look into my eyes
No. 11
The Fiery Kiss
No. 12
Fire Drake
No. 13
Illuminated by Firelight.
No. 14
Fire & Skin
No. 15
Magic night
No. 16
Dark Phoenix
No. 17
Spiral Wizard
No. 18
Fire hold
No. 19
A Taste of Fire
No. 20
dragon staff dragon
No. 21
Desire of the Marsh Fires
No. 22
The fire fairy.
No. 23
Valar Morgulis
No. 24
Hoopers and their fire!
No. 25
Ring of Fire
No. 26
Dragons Breath
No. 27
No. 28
Mystical Staff Spinning
No. 29
Sizzle Bots
No. 30
fire gelfling
No. 31
Autumn fire
No. 32
fire in the belly
No. 33
Fiery Wall Flower
No. 34
Enter the CLowns
No. 35
mini hoop contortion.
No. 36
Fire Fan Goddesses
No. 37
backyard fire jams
No. 38
Lunar fire
No. 39
fuego artist
No. 40
Janable Lectors Dragon Breath....
No. 41
No. 42
Harbour lights
No. 43
playing with fire
No. 44
Fire Vortex
No. 45
Love is a Fire
No. 46
fire wall
No. 47
Mating Call of the Dragon
No. 48
Cancun nights
No. 49
Sunset Sexiness
No. 50
black and white
No. 51
No. 52
Fire demon
No. 53
Into the darkness
No. 54
Fire Fans
No. 55
Felix the Fire-Cat
No. 56
Look me in the eyes
No. 57
Flowgo fun with Stella Frank
No. 58
My Wings
No. 59
Awaken; Asheville Vaudeville
No. 60
burleskival fire :
No. 61
Pixie Fire Fan
No. 62
Kiss me im Irish
No. 63
Queen of Blazing Fire
No. 64
Fiery booty
No. 65
Phoenix Rising
No. 66
Fun with fire
No. 67
Lut Karinsdotter
No. 68
No. 69
Light my fire  !!!
No. 70
don´t hide
No. 71
I put the B in Bangarang
No. 72
Dragon staff fun!
No. 73
Fire & Lights
No. 74
Roarin 20s
No. 75
No. 76
Flaming Sun
No. 77
No. 78
No. 79
No. 80
Fawn Fatale and Fire
No. 81
Insatiable Appetite
No. 82
Power of the soul
No. 83
OWL the Fire Spinner
No. 84
Barn fun
No. 85
Flash Poi
No. 86
Rooftop spin
No. 87
All Smiles
No. 88
Up close and orbital
No. 89
Chuck Stance