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photo taken during an event held on the Seine quays in paris .
Fire fan on a hot indian summer
Van Gogh Fire Poi
JonBrown fire poi
Circustastic Hoopoholic
Hoop de Mars
The Tilt of Silk
Pole and whip
U me U
Hard Times Require Furious Dancing
Snakes are Cool
Fire Ninja
I am the fire
Fire love
Choreographed Fire Poi Routine
Frenchy Productions - Amandala Photography Photo
Fire whip fiasco
Rainbow Bliss
forest creatures
Demon in the Shadows
Scary Clown
Wheel of life
Flower caps
For the love of flow
LED Isis Wings 1
Partner Fire Dance
Bonita Danger Doll - Lyra LED Heart
Contact bliss
Mr tea and the minions support

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