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Practicing poi
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As picked by HoP
1. No fire?...Water it is. entered by zveres
2. Small hands and spinning plate entered by Salix
3. Poi entered by Odette

No. 1
Young people with passion
No. 2
Madge Experimenting
No. 3
Eva Lou Hoops Noops!
No. 4
Madee juggling
No. 5
Buugeng Love
No. 6
No fire?...Water it is.
No. 7
No. 8
poi girl
No. 9
Amber Lily
No. 10
No hoop too big
No. 11
Maevey baby
No. 12
Fun with pretty lights!!
No. 13
No. 14
Hulahoop shenanigans
No. 15
Juggling :
No. 16
Yarawyns hoop!
No. 17
Ariels solo to moana
No. 18
Summer Chestrolls